Friday, 20 January 2012

when everything seems so dull

Winnie looked at me with her puppy eyes, again. The kind of stare that she knows I had no power against. Yes, I'm already melting onto the floor, eventhough I was raging just seconds before. Raging about the chaos in the kitchen from her innocent trial to recreate the cookies I made last weekend. 

I put my coat and handbag on the coach before holding her close. And a hesitant glance towards the kitchen vicinity. Damn. Suddenly Winnie pulled herself away from me and ran to the coffee table. Oh my, even in my subsided anger, I totally can't deny her cuteness with that somewhat frilly-ly gothic dress she had on at that time. 

She came back to me with a plate of pretty big brown cookies, with hardened icing of little pink loves on them. She nodded at me. And I took it, and bite into it a little. Woah. 

"See, I told you there's no harm in letting her to be in the kitchen for a day. Delicious, right? It's because *I* help her, " Michael said smugly from where he was standing. 

"Oh yeah? And because of that, YOU are the one who's gonna help me clear the mess, okay?" Michael shook his head with his hands up; he acquiesced. I turned my attention back to Winnie. "Now, it's time for bed. I'm gonna keep the cookies so that you can bring some of them to school tomorrow okay? Let me send you to our bedroom, and after that mom had to do something with Uncle Mike and..." I lost track when I see Samuel lying unconscious in front of his bedroom door. ".... and figure what the heck is going on with Uncle Sam. Ok, honey, come, I'll let you wear your favourite pyjama for the wonderful cookies you made." Winnie happily went to bed.

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