Tuesday, 31 January 2012

some ways to get MORE from skype, though i’m not an avid user atm, but maybe i could use these in the future.

screen sharing. brilliant. if malaysia’s internet speed magically get 300x faster in the future, i could definitely use this feature to watch videos together with a friend. :P oh, as a part of info dumping, i better put in how to access this feature : click the overlapping rectangle on the toolbar beneath the video-calling screen. then one can decide between sharing the entire screen or just a part of it. in case one’s wallpaper consist of naked ulzzangs. okay, jk. 

send files of any sizes. useful if that file is too large for email. but the recipient must have their skype running in the background. how? 1. click the contact name from address book. 2. in the “Conversation” menu, go to “Send”, then “File” to open Windows Explorer and 3. select the file you want to send.

customize your own skype buttons. skype buttons can be put in blog or website to show your current status or to call. how? use the button wizard. for standard buttons, only enter your skype name and then choose from a list of default buttons. the wizard will then provide the code to be added in the site.

use your own call ringtone and other notification audio. how? Tool > Option > Sound from the skype dashboard. only .wav or .skype audio files can be used. bummer. isn’t .mp3 universal enough?

Group Video Calling can be utilized by up to 10 people, but among these 10 people, only 1 need to be the premium user. hmm... useful enough to share money to set up daily group discussion late at night for 1 premium account?

add effect to your voice. HA! how? download Skype Voice Changer and alter your voice properties from echoes, pitch, and time delay. 

mozilla will launch its own new web app store. yay?

the start of info dump, coz i just got my hands on some mags :)

later this year, mozilla confirmed that it will launch an app store (think Apple’s) that offer both free and paid apps that can be used in any browser, operating system and device. they adopt this open attitude so that the usage of app store will not be restricted to only mozilla user.

of course, i like the idea, but of course, i won’t buy any apps coz of my (somewhat relevant) phobia with electronic payment. i have liked mozilla since forever, and i like the fact that even with the presence of google chrome which has threatened its popularity, mozilla continues to come with new steps to be in par with the world. 

i can’t wait to see the app store :)

i have to remember this IF i get my hands on 1Malaysia Book Voucher. spend it at MPH and get another rm5 book voucher YES!

ONLY if i can actually get a voucher, and ONLY if i'm willing to suffer through 1 hour ride on centipede-speed KTM train just to go to Mid Valley. And MPH doesn't even have that much book choice... T_T

i can’t say i disagree with THAT statement. TOTALLY nailed it. i think that’s my favourite statement of the month LOL

“to be honest, if you want to sell an £800 device, you better have Apple’s name on it. otherwise, it’s going to be difficult to sell. people aren’t going to spend £800 on an Acer when generally an Acer costs £300 to £400”

Eszter Morvay, technology analyst on pc giants (think acer and dell) intention to focus more on high-end = expensive pc’s to attract buyers. this is the strategy that apple applies on its product. for me, i couldn’t agree more. if i have a bit more money to buy a gadget, i would buy a high end one, and it would be an Apple. definitely.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

my sister wanted uniqueness in her shoelacing style. and i found this pentagram lacing, which is quite cute hehehe

if the grip is okay, i'd like to apply it to my own shoes :P anyway, the site which featured the many ways of lacing shoes is kinda cool actually, so i'm gonna dump it here.


Friday, 27 January 2012

at the moment, i'm playing Dragon Quest 5 : Hand of Heavenly Bride. it's a hard game, considering i suck at RPG games, but ... i'm just too lazy to study now =_=

suuure the cover is beautiful, but you can't really expect anything extravagant on nds screen in the sense of gameplay graphic. rpg game is best at keeping me glued to the screen coz the storyline keep developing, unlike simulation games like Harvest Moon that tend to be static except for the main event like wedding etc. well, actually i love Harvest Moon but coz it gets so boring, i stopped for a while.

by now i'm sure everyone knows how to play nds games on pc, but in case you dont know how just drop by at emuparadise.com. i suggest you use desmume emulator for nds games. :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

my own fairy tale. but it's not the tale of love.

Dean turned to me with his smile, his hands waving the cinema tickets in front of me. I smiled as i handed him his box of favourite caramel popcorn and the compulsory mountain dew code red. As for me, as long as i have the 'smuggled' pretty little doughnuts i bought earlier in my coat and a big cup of steaming chocolate drink, our weekly date in the cinema couldn't be better.


Who knew action movie can be so touching? And it was about betrayal. Team betrayal. Shit shit shit. I just can't contain myself from remembering this week's event, which sucks like hell. The whole group of girls whom i thought were my best friends ditched me. Not even one come to at least ask how i was doing. Those skanks...

But... no matter how big of suckers they are, i just can't hold back the anger. the disappointment. And the dreaded tears. They just came in involuntary waves that i totally have no power onto.

That was when i felt someone's hand held me. Dean's. He held my shoulders and kissed top of my head. 

"I know.." he whispered in midst of the deafening bombs and helicopter sounds. I continued to cry, leaning more into his warm embrace for support and i don't know, the love i crave from a friend. 

At this moment, i couldn't be happier that my path crossed Dean's , with him ended up being the most reliable, loving and loyal friend i ever have. Without all the unnecessary drama.

my first trial in this digital doodle thingie, using paint coz i lost my adobe.... and i think i'll stay with pencil and A4 paper :P

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

just finished watching Jane by Design episode 4 . i totally love this show. ::sigh::

in this chapter, jane and billy sorta have this kind of conflict, because billy just came out that he was dating lulu after months of relationship.

i know... sux right? best friends aren't supposed to hide things from each other.... i think. ::shrugs:: in my world, i keep a lot of things to myself, it's habitual.

as many other friendship not worth losing, they made up in the end. my favourite part. towards the end of the show, jane and billy just sorta cuddled on the couch. ::melting::

i realize i'm emotionally incapable of having relationship like that, but i really want one. T_T

i just can get this out of my mind until i blog it : Ju(i)cy Lucy Cheeseburger

being a fan of food, it's only natural that i love watching Man V. Food. American food never cease to amaze me, sometimes i just wish that i was born there and thus be able to enjoy all the good food.  

ah, dreams..

yesterday, Adam went to Minnesota ( i guess) to try the Juicy Lucy. It's really just a cheeseburger with the cheese IN the patty, not ABOVE it. with the heat and all, the cheese will still melt when we are eating it. oh my... that's heavenly.

so today i wanna dump the info i got her, that's how to make Juicy Lucy patty

Cut the cheese into 
some small pieces or 
just fold it

Put the cheese on top 
of a patty and put another 
patty on top of them.

Press the edges of the patties
so that the cheese will not be
able to get out once it melted

Fry the patty and make it a part
of an awesome cheeseburger! 

Eat, but dont forget to watch the 
cheese oozes outta the patty after 
your first bite! Yay!

siofra, my little elf, what's behind your solemn frown?

when we were in the third grade, siofra once told me that her name simply means 'elf'. i guess her name applied to her petite and lean physique. on her 18th birthday, i can hold her up no problem, and i did. for 30 minutes, giving her a piggy back ride around the party venue which is my own summer house. oh, the only people attending was us, which kinda let us do any crazy thing we intended.

when i first met siofra, she was quiet and cross. a pretty little girl who would snap without warning. everyone in the class had a silent agreement that they would ignore her, but i just can't. because i was few months back anew student too, and i knew how lonely it could be before the whole class would slowly warm up to me.

it was hard at the beginning. she snapped at me, pushed me away and did every thing possible to make me hate her. i was going to give up, but suddenly she opened up to me. she told me she was bullied in her effort to make friends, and consequently she became hesitant to believe people's sincerety. 

in the end we become best friend, but i still can't keep away her automatic frown which appear when other people are present. i guess she still had issues with trusting people, so she took the shortcut of not having connection with on at all. 

i just want people to know that behind her mean frown was a kind and frail young woman  who was stuck in bad childhood experience.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

so here's some questions i ought to answer,

thanks yoyo. so here is my set of answers :)

1. your full name?

fatin eliya saif
2. where are you from?


3. your favourite food and beverage?
fav food would be anything as long as it's (preferably succulent) meat 
and fav drink would be anything chocolatey. :) 
4. between FB and BLOG which one do you like the most and why?
well, i'd say blogging is my fav. coz it allow me to express myself unlimited-ly. also, because i got only a few people reading mine, so i feel quite free to expose my muse in blog. stating things in fb feels rather too public for my liking.
5.your age ?
21 (geez, the voting time has come T_T) 

6. studying or working ?
studying in uni, but currently on holiday, so... yeah.
7. between cat and hamster, what would you choose? why?
of course cat! coz they're cute, and cuddly and i can go to sleep with them without worrying i'll find them dead in the morning after i accidentally lie on top of them in my sleep.
8. like shopping? why?
as a girl and a young woman, yeah, shopping is SO addictive. because i want to buy LOTSA things!!! but because my income is very limited so i dont indulge often. 
9. characteristics of potential partner 

understanding, spontaneous, adventurous, caring, stable income and... have stronger faith than me.

10. between ugly rich man and handsome poor man, which one you would rather have?
let's face it, money is important these days. ugly rich man would be my choice IF ONLY there's no other normal men in sight. =_='' which i'm hoping there are some.
11. state your reaction when answering question 10

i'm pretty confident. :P