Friday, 24 February 2012

virgo from fairy tail chibi. sleepy while coloring, thus the 'comot' result. maybe i'm just too tired ::ZZzzz::

contra to the art, virgo is a cold, sexy celestial spirit

after 5 days in uni, what do i think? that i'm better off in ipba. 

it's just too tiring having to run around the spacious fields and searching among the numerous building within a tight schedule. though i'm assured it's a good point for my weight and activeness issue, but... +_+

and food. it's a good thing that i have the replacement meal, but what if i dont AND starving at night? cafe is scarce and the ones with many choices are far far away. i miss having stalls just within walking distance, though it's one bad point for my issues.

and mobility. i'm basically transportation-less, which means i'm mainly dependent on buses and my own two feet. i'm still scared to go to the library because i keep confusing it with the other building. even to get the hell out of the campus is a hard thing to do. mid valley is just too far away. amcorp is no more the rm1 ride. and it's getting much harder to reach tbs. basically it's like i'm stranded on an island T_T

in a nutshell, i just want to go back to ipba. which is going to happen in (insya Allah) another two years. meanwhile, i'll just hang on a thin thread in midst of assignments, examinations and classes.    

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Make Over Me Contest by Alif Ismail :)


actually i kinda just wanna 'translated' the pic into a drawing that's my style, but then, at this moment i'm kinda infatuated with barney stinson from how i met your mother. thus the suit. and then i saw alieff's entry in which he drew alif's chibi with a bouquet of roses and i thought rose and suit makes a good pair. and that's how i came up with the drawing below. :)

why is this face looks so familiar, i wonder...

i know.... it's kinda weird holding a rose like that.... but in limb department i kinda have little control over... anyways i hope this entry is 'a-okay' for the contest. and as this is my first participation in wla's activities i hope after this i can join in the other things :)


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

had little match girl or something as one of the short stories... :)

it has been a long time since my involvement in this things. i still remember my awe in going through the world of hans christian andersen in the crazy-ass thick book i borrowed when i was 15, all full of fairy tales. 

but i think i may have forgotten all that i've read. =_=


Thursday, 16 February 2012

trolling : English edition. look at the last comment :)

how to do CPR the twisted way. WARNING the picture is right, but the caption are SO WRONG... and funny lol

right, it's a guy. to be more exact, a bishounen i guess...

awwww..... long hair and glasses..... ::faint:: 
i HEART this one 
(though i know he's pretty unbalanced ::giggles::)


This is what Wikipedia said on bishounen :

The bishōnen is typically slender, with clear skin, stylish hair, and distinctly feminine facial features (such as high cheekbones), but simultaneously retains a male body.

and i couldn't agree more.


i don't know why but my preference towards boys IRL and in virtual world (in physical sense) is literally contradictive.

Virtual world : feminine features => total likey!!!
                    masculine features => meh ... 

pokemon which are legend.... -wait for it-.... dary

#3 yeah, been there done that.

#2 yeah, it just irritates me when people use these words WRONG. its just unnatural. i mean.. it's. oops

another version, but with a funny comment :P 

yeah, one of the ugly truth of VDay. lol

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012

another favvies from 2 broke girls episode 14 :P

(after ::as usual:: being verbally sexually harassed by oleig)  
we really should hold a seminar about sexual harrassment in the workplace.


why? he's already so good at it



max, come out..


if i come out, it would'nt be for you. it would be for that hot dragon tattoo girl


(knock on the door)

caroline : who's that?

max : more opimistic, right? on the other side of the door is all the money you lost. and then we move back into your townhouse and i m********* in your tub for a change. 

(caroline hesitates to speak)

caroline : it was twice, and you could have knocked 



why would anyone want to marry cam. lol this list is soooo funny, ::but it's true:: :P

i've been playing harvest moon : tale of two towns for a very long time. and i had my eyes set on cam since the beginning. he's just so good looking XD. and looks kinda like the nice neighbourhood boy. but this list, this list i found in this tumblr is just so friggin hilarious, i wanna keep it in my blog.

1. He’s a tsundere. Automatic want.

2. /grabby hands

3. He’d give you flowers and say corny things like “You are like the most beautiful rose.”

4. And then you’ll have sex.

5. On flower petals.

6. Then he’ll get mad because it’s messing up the flowers.

7. But that’s okay because you got to see his *****.

8. Blonde with green eyes. OH YES.

9. He’s so adorable.

10. And probably smells like his own perfume he makes.

what's a tsundere anyway?  urbandict : a female character who is usually cold, but she becomes spoony on her lover. oh...

another drawing. earlier this day went to bp and bought tumbler and shoes. likey :D

honestly, in facebook and blogs, i'm sick of seeing entries about valentine's day, how much it's prohibited in our religion.... yadda yadda yadda. i totally agree with them in this thing, but... it's too much. i know why they do this, to spread the knowledge to those who don't know and continue to celebrate this, with hope that they would understand why they shouldn't celebrate valentine's day and thus, STOP. the MO is totally understandable.

the only thing i don't understand is the brats whose identification cards say they are muslims, that actually know that celebrating it is prohibited and why, but still continue to do so. 

come on. 

in a year, there're MANY occasions where you can actually celebrate your love. there are anniversaries, birthdays and other important day that are MUCH MORE meaningful to people involved, rather than this generalized, highly commercialized valentine's day. 

why would you wanna make something wrong just to follow a culture that your own religion says NO to? do you not have enough faith in your own religion?


Saturday, 11 February 2012

jane by design craze : billy and lulu chibis XD

from this

first chibis inspired from my favvie series
i know. i don't know how to draw more proper clothes for them
what can i say, my sense of fashion sux? :P
i think i'm gonna do this again :D

WTF ADELE??????????? Just because you're fat you have no right to be condescending of others

i saw this in Xiaxue's post. she was ranting about while some fat people accept the way they are, some other are not too accepting; they start to target people with normal weight. 

the hell, *i* am fat! but i just really disagree with what's being said here. is she saying that Gaga and Katy's music reach sky high because of their boobs and bums? well excuse me if i sound biased but a lot of gaga's song are highly inspirational for many people, and some of katy's are. but what do i hear from you adele? songs about breaking up? coz that's what i got from RITD and SLY.

'not music for the eye, but for the ears'? do you think gaga and katy's fans are thinking about their looks when they're listening to their music? is their looks are what attract people to listen to their songs in the first place? for me, NOPE. if an artist appear, and his/her songs or voice is good, then the songs be archived in my music player, no matter how good/bad he/she looks. but if the artist looks like the aphrodite herself but with music so bad that hades would puke upon it, i wouldn't listen to it. maybe i'll just go on adoring the looks, but NOT the music. who would? so all i can say is ALL music is for ears. no we don't judge people's talent based on their looks, that trend is long gone. well, maybe some still practise it, i dunno

actually the only thing i disagree with this quote is how she said gaga made songs for the eyes. that's just revolting to even think about, coz hers inspire us little monsters in so many ways that breakup songs just couldn't do. 

just finished watching jane by design episode 6, and MAN that's a total WTF time!

well, i have plenty of free time so i'll just summarize what jane by design series is really about. it's about jane quimby, a high schooler who accidentally mistaken for an adult when she applied for internship in donovan decker , some sort of high fashion giant. so now she has to juggle between two lives, as a teenager and an adult. with the help of her best friend, billy.

yes, this time they even had to hide in the men's when india came

what gets me in this episode is that india, jane's rival in the company actually showed up in her high school! dem! 

that really makes me jumped frustratingly in my seat. okay, india really is kinda hot but oh-my-gosh i really hate her. and she brings jeremy there,oh, and he is her (rather) sexy assistant :P

anyway, somehow, with billy's help and jane's quick action, they manage to get through the day with jane's double-life secret safe between billy and jane.

and i like the ending of the episode. nick fadden, jane's long-time crush kissed her. and he's hot. lol. but i'm not into putting kissing picture in my blog so consider that the second most romantic scene :P

as usual, i will end this entry with jane-billy intimate moments. awww..... i love them.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

lol this is a very childish image X) anyways, i'm just happy today :) alhamdulillah

last semester was not my best time as a student, and it was quite a mess, so i didn't expect much from my examination result. but alhamdulillah my result is much better than i expected. that marked the end of my first year second semester in ipba.

so right now my friends and i are kinda at war with upm's somewhat slow online registration system. we've been waiting for the registration to open since early this morning, and i hope everything will fall into place and the start of the semester will flow smoothly. 

starting from 19th february it will be 'bye bye holiday & hi hi upm' so... i'm kinda excited for the new environment in upm coz i'm a total n00b there, but i hope things will not get too bad there. mos importantly i hope my roommate suits me like a perfect dress lol.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

catnip @ catmint for your cat, is like starbucks for you

i'll just summarize what i just read :P it is another info dump session anyways

=> catnip a.k.a catmint

=> contains stimulant for feline's pheromone

=> can be eaten, not addictive 

=> no bad effect to cat, but if it is too much, you cat will have vomiting or diarrhea (too much of anything isn't good anyways) only a pinch at a time is sufficient to make it happy

=> behaviour after smelling / eating catnip : whatever a happy cat does that include mewing, kicking around, rolling, purring 

=> typically sold in dried form, but the fresher the catnip, the happier the cat will be

=> stem of catnip has poorer effect compared to leaves and flowers, so look closely at the package before buying :)

awww..... horoscopes for pets? so cute.... ::this is for entertainment purpose, don't accuse me of wrongful things ::


good-natured, love outdoors and very independent.has short attention span and sociable. dark places makes it depressed.


very gentle and thus able to generate empathy with its owner's feelings. it will show a lot of affection when the owner is stressed out. very tolerant towards other animal's presence in their territory. love being around water (of course!)


have a lot of energy and very excitable. however, they like to be alone with the owner than its friends. very impatient, and past accidents do not avoid them from making the same mistakes.


likes to express their feelings openly. likes learning new things and it does so quickly. because of its short attention span, it is prone to jumping from one activity to another. makes naughty pets. :)


docile and patient.rarely display much emotion. however, it is very loyal and is always by the owner's side. love hugs, kisses and pretty things.


have great pride in their home and are comfortable if being placed around familiar items. extremely attached to the owners and expect the same loyalty from them. gentle, but moody and respond poorly to strangers. still, they are weak to children because of the maternal instinct.


believe they control their own destiny. love being praised and given attention by the owner. high chance of jealousy and possess bad temper because of their pride.


a total neat freak. love being groomed and enjoy their bathing sessions. intelligent, but a fussy eater.


what going on in its mind is a mystery. they tend to possess a set of deep eyes which may penetrate right through others' souls. thus, they tend to be emotionally distant from both human and animals.


enjoy finer things in life. gets along well with both animals and human. very relaxed ; love to snooze and sunbathe all day long. generally good-looking.


very intelligent and able to recover quickly from illnesses. cautious. tend to distrust other and thus have trust issues with both human and animals.


healthy and active. hate picking fight especially when it is in good mood. but, they are very mischievous. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

another drawing and the best type of chocolate you can eat between white, milk and dark. totally unrelated topics, that's just how i roll :P

i drew some more-realistic-than-chibi stuff and tried to color it, and the result was... i don't know, it wasn't really good. well, maybe i'll get better as time passed by:3 actually in this type of drawing, i prefer to have it in black and white, coz, like in this drawing, i had to lose a favourite feature on the guy that i like, because i don't know how to color it without destroying the feature. the guy's BLUSH. T_T 

i love putting blush on a guy's face, coz it makes him look kinda like the shy guy, adorable, lovably cute.... XD and that's what i gotta lost when i colored it. wah~ 

moving on to the chocoey topic, i was reading a health magazine and found an article about it. so it said that chocolate's healthy effects come from its plant source, the cacao bean.the cacao bean is a good stuff because it contains falavanol, some kinda antioxidant.


logically, between milk, dark and white chocolate, obviously dark chocolate contain the highest content of cacao bean, so it's the best for your health. but just eat it according to your level, coz i once tried to eat the 70% ones, and THAT is not heavenly. 

milk chocolate contain less flavanol, and that makes the white chocolate as the least type of chocolate you should eat because it contain even less flavanol. however, white chocolate may contains some calcium. 

i like dark chocolate, but can never have the will to incline the other two.  




Saturday, 4 February 2012

segment 'salam perkenalan' by miss banu :)

it's a quiet (rather boring) sunday morning and i'm too lazy to draw. and i found this segment. yay, finally.. something to do. hehehe.

as you can see, this is a Malaysian blog that fully operated in English medium. i use this blog for personal things, info dumping and as an archive for the drawing i made (since i'm tired of having my drawing suddenly became infested with oily things when i let them on the floor for a moment, and coloring them digitally didn't hurt either :3 ) i think that's it about my blog.

the young man who founded tumblr. well, a young man with beautiful eyes, in my humble opinion :)

david karp (it's the real name, alright, don't laugh) invented tumblr when he was only nineteen. right, at nineteen i was... yeah, struggling with trials to apply free template on my blog. 

he invented tumblr because he felt the need to express himself, without the 'big empty text box' (when we clicked 'new post' in blogspot, for example) stopping him. weird. why don't i feel suppressed by this empty white box? coz i know i have the power to write whatever the **** i want to write on it? well, maybe  :)

a bit more about this young man with beautiful eyes is that he learned coding at eleven (when i still didn't even have the chance to *touch* a pc), was homeschooled from the age fifteen, and had lived in japan alone when he was eighteen.

this is one spectacular dude. :) wonder why i never hear his name before. all i hear is two words : mark zuckerberg.

how to know when someone is lying in your face? unfortunately i only get 4 tips.

a) liars will make excessive eye contact  because they know that it will help them sell their story. normal chat usually require only around 30-60 percent of oye contact. other than that, liars will blink more frequently too.

b) people who are telling true story tend to skip to other parts of the story and they tend to be demonstrative. liars, on the other hand will construct the story chronologically with many meaningless details.

c) a lying person tend to repeat back the question ask = to buy more tim for them to think.

d) let's be honest, when someone says the previous phrase, there's a chance that they are lying because truthful people doesn't usually need to declare their honesty.   

inspired from pamela meyer, author of liespotting

Friday, 3 February 2012

yesterday i went around 4chan, which is not advisable for those with weak heart and also those who want to 'jaga pandangan mata'.

then i found this.

wow, that's a great one! i never thought of drawing something like that, y'know. well, add that with this urge for me to post something in WeLoveArt (WLA) group i just discovered yesterday, so i made this. yeah, fill in the blank with whatever you want, as long as it's not 'i will kill you and f*ck the body' lol. i kinda like it, so i put it in my sidebar. :) why the blue hair? haha i guess many can guess that it's just another unsuccessfull try to make a chibi hatsune miku. but i reeeally like the shade of blue

 about the WLA group, the peeps in it are just so friendly! it's really a great place for people from all walks of life with passion for arts t get together and just chill in midst of this crazy life and all it's drama.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

just finished watching New Girl episode 11 and while 10 is kinda boring, i LOVE 11'th ending :D

the ending starts (haha talk about ironic) when Schmidt was enraged to find his towel still damp even after being hung along bars, not hooked. So by yelling "DAMP! DAMMIT! EVERYBODY BATHROOM NOW!" he called for an unofficial housemates meeting.

Schmidt : Someone's playing the joke on me? Honestly. Why is my towel still damp?"

Nick : Coz it's not your towel. It's MY towel, Schmidt.

Schmidt : No it's not your towel. Your towel's the red one.

Nick : I tell you this pal. I never use that. I do use THAT one every single day. 

Schmidt : Oh God..

Jesse (holding the red towel) : This towel's so warm and fluffy, it's like it has been in the sun forever.

Winston : This means you two have been drying your junk with the same towel.

Julia : Intimate...

Schmidt : Are you out of your mind?! How do you think that's your towel? Do you gonna wash it? 

Nick : I do not wash the towel, the towel washes me (chuckled) Who washes the towel?

Julia : You never wash...?

Nick : You washes the towel?

Schmidt : You never wash the towel?!

Nick : What you're gonna do? Wash the shower next? Wash you bar soap? You gotta think here, pal! 

Schmidt : I'm furious right now

Nick : I get out of the damn shower, I'm clean as a damn baby and I use the towel..

Schmidt : Let me ask you this. have you been wearing my underpants? 

Nick : Sometimes, yeah. Who cares? (Schmidt's gonna puke) You guys don't wear each other's underpants? You're a liar. We all wear each other's underwear!

and credit rolls. wow, that's quite a test to my listening skill. so i'm gonna end this entry with Shcmidt and Winston's reaction to Nick's 'underwear' statement. haha. 

any difference should not set us apart. we're human, afterall, with the same blood and the same soul

the second time playing around gimp, and i'm still excited (and still sux, apparently :P ) i LOVE it. i wonder why with gimp this coloring thing comes so easily to me now but coloring with photoshop takes years for me to understand (which i kinda gave up eventually)

anyway, this friendship theme just kinda popped into my head coz i was sorta reminded how some people actually avoid the group that are different from themselves. you know, like nerds would avoid the jock, the smart would avoid the dumb, things like that. i know there's minimal chance that people from different group would somewhat 'click', but who knows?

maybe barney's lemon law can be applied, you know, like giving 5 minutes for small talk, and after 5 minutes, if it's not working out, no biggie. at least we tried. well, as long as the other party are actually willing to spend some of their times talking with you. people are so busy nowadays it seems kinda crazy. 

err... for me to actually try this thing... ::shrugs:: i am VERY quiet around people i dont know and i always dont have things to say even with my loved ones. so i don't know if i can actually succeed at things like this. oh, how i wish i'm a smooth-talker like barney :P

night is late and i guess i gotta stop. haha. 

sweet sweet sweet lamebook time for tonight :)

source :

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

tried coloring using gimp, and turns out much more easier than brushing the clour palette's a** off in photoscape. likey :D

it's not neat
desperately needs more touching up which
i hadn't discover in gimp yet
and i still got many things to learn =_=.