Monday, 21 October 2013


i know i'm never good enough for them.

they're beautiful, creative, artsy : everything i'm not

i guess i'll just get through this shit

coz i know someday i'll look back 

and say

"wow, that's one shitty semester. and a lot of shitty courses, and even fucking made-in-inferno-level-shitty ONE useless "T" course!"

(i guess the "T" means turd. yeah. useless, and tiring to even think as you've gotta clean the mess. like shit.)

my future self will thank me for getting through this.... you guessed it: shit.

i just want to leave this university.

i'm sick of her sneer, her insults, and her very good acting of being nice to me. when i know she doesn't even like me.

people like her breaks me. 

and the sooner i leave this university, the sooner i'll get rid of her. 


"the T" in TESL rot in hell.