Tuesday, 30 August 2011

webuser august 2011 : safer log-in sessions

1. create strongest password yourself, or here

2. apparently, it's better to use different password for each account, but how can one remember all those facebook, skype, gmail, metanorn passwords? use a password manager. my all-time favourite is LastPass.

3. check the strength of password here

4. always checked whether your email has been hacked here.

5. remove passwords in browser if you're going to sell or give the computer away


Firefox : Tools > Options > Security > untick 'remember password for sites' AND click 'saved passwords' and click 'remove all'

Chrome : Spanner icon > Options > Personal Stuff tab > select 'never save passwords' AND go to 'manage saved passwords' and remove the sites listed there

I hate Internet Explorer, so, nothing for it here.


14 steps for good breakfast

i love breakfast. i need breakfast everyday or else i'll be changing into a frenzy of hunger and anger by the time the clock hits 10. and i want to share this great article of "14 ways for better breakfast" i found here, in much simpler way as of to remind myself and whoever reading this.

1. never ever skip breakfast

2. eat within 60-90 minutes after waking up

3. include calcium

4. fruit or veggie CAN be a decent breakfast

5. also decent : anything fiber-rich like oatmeal

6. at least ONE protein / fat foodies : eggs, nuts, etc

7. NO sugary cereal, YES fiber-y, bran-y ones

8. also decent : smoothie of all nature's goodness

9. eat fruit, not sugary juice

10. spices are good! eg, cinnamon on oatmeal

11. omega 3 is good a) flaxseed in oatmeal b) DHA eggs

12. say NEVER to artificial sweeteners 

13. plainest, lowest sugar content is every. single. thing.

14. no meat in the morning, egg is acceptable

ok. i'll try all these tips out. pinky promise.

first day of eid :)

bangun pagi memang ngantuk x ingatlah, sebab tidur agak lambat... dalam 12 lebih gitew. x memasak pun... cume tolong angkat2 barang sikit, basuh2 pinggan sikit. :3 and then after shower, breakfast, and everything in between, my family and i went to this one relative's house. BUMMER! they have waited too long for us and decided that they'll go visit their other relatives. which is NOT our fault, it's because we have to wait for, like, hours for mama's brother and his family to reach the meeting place. but before we set off, sempatlah ambil beberapa gambar....

papa, his sister and mama

papa, ayu and hitam XD
(too bad hitam didnt have any outfit for this day. when will the fateful day of me discovering a tutu skirt fit for him will arrive? ok, maybe not tutu, but a tux maybe? hehe)

papa and i :D this is the first pic of the day hehe

and last but not least, our whole family
(excluding hitam T_T)

ok2 i know the angle is a bit off, tapi xpelah, asal nampak muka ye tak? 

happy eid mubarak to these lovelies :
my family
my friends
mr R and family

Saturday, 27 August 2011

not only do they smell great, they're also cute!

all the pics are from here

recess time

     "You're coming with me?" Aryssa shook her head with a smile as she showed Diana the two boxes of lunch on her table. Diana grinned, she understood well the meaning of the happy face the girl was putting on to display. She waved and walked out of the classroom,and promptly bumped into someone just outside the door.

     "Aryssa's not with you?" Haikal asked with slight apprehensiveness on his face.

     "Lunch date in class today, I guess." Diana answered. She could have sworn Haikal's kind smile turn into a pathetic fake grimace the exact moment he interpreted her words. Diana continued her journey to the canteen, with an additional thing in her head.
     "Haikal likes Aryssa? He knows well Aryssa and Hazry has something going on, everyone in school knows that. Why would he risk his affection?" 

wedding dress

I walked into the laundry shop with fast stride, handed the receipt to the worker and stood against the counter as he went into the room to fetch my dress. Some moments later, he walked to the counter and handed me the wedding dress.
     "That's a beautiful one, Mrs. Lee." he commented while I searched for bills in my purse. I shook my head as I gave him the bills. 
     "Indeed. But, I'm no longer Mrs. Lee." He promptly looked up at me with blank expression.
      "Excuse me?"
     "This dress lasted in this shop longer than my marriage," I said nonchalantly before disappearing behind the doors. I didn't even have the will to cry about my failing marriage. I just wanted to get through with life, after love failed me, hard. 

first crush

     "I can't believe that you're still head over heels for him after two frigging years, Risa. How much longer do you plan to waste your youth?" ZAPP!! Rina's words could really break my heart if I didn't know her that well. But, she's right. Even I didn't understand myself sometimes. What's so special about Daniel Tan that made me became so infatuated with him? Sure, he's good looking, but there's aplenty of beautiful boys in our school; they literally flooded the place in daily basis. He's good in sports, tennis especially; but before I met him, I was never really into those people. He's so out of my league, I got it; but I was trapped in my own feelings. I held Rina's hands and shook my head. 
     "Please... Just let me be..." God, I must sound so pathetic. I'm sorry Rina, I may be wasting my time playing with my dreams, but this is what I wanted.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

it's not a tag, but i wanna do it :D favourite lyrics from Born This Way

i got this idea from this guy. i like his straightforward writing and his i-don't-give-a-fuck attitude, plus he's an avid fan of Lady G. cool.

1. Edge of Glory

::who does it hurt if everybody knows my name tonight::

::i need a man that thinks it's right when it's so wrong::

2. You and I

::i'll give anything again to be your baby doll::

::this time i'm not leaving without you::

3. Electric Chapel

::to make pure love work in a dirty way::

::confess to me where have you been::

4. Heavy Metal Lover

::let's raise hell in the streets::

::i could be your girl, but would you love me if i rule the world?::

5. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)

::she's got rainbow syrup in her heart that she bleeds::

::we can be strong, out on this lonely road::

6. Bad Kids

::don't tell me i'm less than my freedom::

::don't be insecure if your heart is pure::

7. Bloody Mary

::i won't cry for you::

8. ScheiBe

::i can't speak German, but i can if you'd like::

::if you're a strong female, you don't need permission::

9. Hair

::i want you to love me for who i am::

::i'm as free as my hair::

10. Americano

::i have fought for how i love you::

::i don't speak your Americano::

11. Judas

::i've learned love is like a brick you can, build a house or sink a dead body ::

::i couldn't love a man so purely::

12. Government Hooker

::i can be good, if you just wanna be bad::

::i can be cool, if you just wanna be mad::

13. Born This Way

::there's nothing wrong with loving who you are::

14. Marry The Night

::nothing's too cool to take me from you::

::leave nothing on these streets to explore::


it's raining now

and i love rain. sejuk, menenangkan dan sangat sesuai untuk menidurkan diri :D and it's also romantic. i've seen many pictures of people kissing in midst of raindrops, and to imagine that when cold is surrounding you, there still someone beside you giving warmth... it's just seems so touching. 

i dont remember much, but Comsie had this rain theme in his stories a while ago. all i can remember is the main character went cycling to the boyfriends house in midst of rain, and he was distracted by this one boy. i love that little boy. in these stories he's like a little cupid who foreshadowed that good things were waiting in the future. i love him enough to still remember that he's a redhead.

as i mentioned before, rain to me is about lying, being on the bed under the comforter and the plushies, dreaming away about everything until slowly i drifted to nothingness. 

and i love when rain falls when i'm in the car with Mr. R. i couldn't see anybody else through the window. it's like the only thing existed then are just me and him.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

teacher's day

     "Um... are you sure about this? I mean... if you're busy or something..." Aryssa stuttered as she kept on walking with Hazry by her side. They were taking slow strides, because after all it's Teacher's day and every human being present at school was too busy amusing themselves. No one would bug them, and they took comfort in that. 
     "What's the place again?" Hazry flashed a look at her, which promptly made her cheeks reddened yet again.
     "The new deli. Pyon Cafe? I heard the crepe there is good...."
     "I'd like to try flan. Do they sell that thing?" Aryssa smiled. His positive response was hard to come by in such girlish things as sweets.
     "Un! I saw it in the flyer.... I... I'll make it my treat if you..."
     " NO. Let me. It's our first date after all." He nonchalantly said, as his right hand quickly found a way to pat the girls head gently. Such a childlike girl; how'd he be so lucky to have his dark, lonely path crossed with this angel?

still, between american and british english.... i'd prefer american :3

i got this from here. when one has free time, it's very well to be spent there, especially the comics section. :D 


i did

the look on students-who-haven't-complete-their-homework? priceless

haters gonna hate, but who cares?

well, i DID want to see a someone making such 
cutesie face while making the f-you sign

the  poster is from here

WARNING moe attack


such a *cute* voice!
have listened to this track for like 50 times, and will only stop when i have enough of moe. and totally love the repeated 'meow' in initial part of the song :D

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ignorance hurts

"Why won't he like you? You're confident, beautiful, smart.... Hell, if I'm a guy, I'd definitely ask you out," Lisa mumbled in midst of my sobs. She carried on bitching about Hazri, that one guy who had been my happy charm, until he crushed my heart that very day. I definitely won't forgot how happy he was, chattering with Ain, our fellow classmate whom I knew had her eyes set on Hazri since forever. 

After all the signals and hints I've quietly directed at him. If only he understands. If only...


this kitten is so cute beyond belief! if they don't cost hundreds i would have want one for myself :3

true enough

total win

and you know what i hate the most? people who create a blogspot account and then starts to share everyday things onto the posts.

also, people who earn money and then just HAVE to use it to buy things. that's totally ridiculous.


dont assume what it is based on looks :D

or if by chance you meet some of this things, and decided because it looks like banana so it MUST taste like banana, you'll stand a chance to get a taste of soaps.

yeah, soaps. all the pictures below are soaps, but can also be used as a good smelling deco on your study desk. just make sure not to place your condensation-ing can of coke beside it coz you know... soap and water is not pretty combination for the papers.

 i ::SO:: want to put this on my friend's table and let her eat it. and see her making that wtf-is-this face. priceless.
yes, Dibah, i'm talking about you X)

 put it in your mouth, chew once, or maybe twice (if your tongue doesn't work so well to detect the taste) and you won't be able to get rid of the annoying soapy taste for hours. 
ok, i made it up. :P

 my favvie!! ::jumps up and down::

 this set of leafy treat is what i would want in the guest's bathroom. you know, just to impress peeps. lol

of beyblades, two siblings and an angry mother (teehee)

what do you think when you see this pic? particularly in ebay? hahaha, the story goes like this. the boys play their beyblades in bathtub. the bathtub was a bit damaged, and the angry mom has to pay. she told the boys to auction off their beyblades to cover the cost of mending the bathtub. there goes the crying brother and the solemn other.

it's a usual occasion for things like that to be auctioned off, but because the picture AND the story behind it was interesting, the peeps lingering around the net had no option but to create meme based on it. this is one of em.

excuse me, but this younger brother did seem a bit... dark? hahaha but still very cute ! XD

cheerio :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Comparison between Japanese and Americans

ni komik yang comel gile tentang perbezaan orang amerika dan jepun. walaupun data2 yang digunakan xde sumber yang sah, but it gives the general idea, and also made me realize that no matter where i live, there's always pros and cons. this makes be a bit more grateful living in this country.


taken from here

come at me bro? what's that? whatever... pingu tetap cute

"come at me bro" 
is a catchphrase to challenge 
someone into a fight. 

tak tau la literally ke tak.

tapi memang pingu selalu dengki 
ngan adik die yang kecik dan comel tu kan. 


kucing yang ade fur pun pakai baju, ne

 ala2 keluarga diraja gittew..

 WARNING : cuteness overload! XD

 lagi fesyen diraja. meoww~
the blushing bride. love the veil! 
total WANT!

hehehe. semua ni diambil dari page ini.