Thursday, 25 August 2011

it's raining now

and i love rain. sejuk, menenangkan dan sangat sesuai untuk menidurkan diri :D and it's also romantic. i've seen many pictures of people kissing in midst of raindrops, and to imagine that when cold is surrounding you, there still someone beside you giving warmth... it's just seems so touching. 

i dont remember much, but Comsie had this rain theme in his stories a while ago. all i can remember is the main character went cycling to the boyfriends house in midst of rain, and he was distracted by this one boy. i love that little boy. in these stories he's like a little cupid who foreshadowed that good things were waiting in the future. i love him enough to still remember that he's a redhead.

as i mentioned before, rain to me is about lying, being on the bed under the comforter and the plushies, dreaming away about everything until slowly i drifted to nothingness. 

and i love when rain falls when i'm in the car with Mr. R. i couldn't see anybody else through the window. it's like the only thing existed then are just me and him.



Azham Vosovic said...

Phewwwit! Hahaha, I love sleeping to the sound of rain, it makes me feel safe....

lea said...

for me, i like the darkness and the calming sound effect :D