Tuesday, 30 August 2011

first day of eid :)

bangun pagi memang ngantuk x ingatlah, sebab tidur agak lambat... dalam 12 lebih gitew. x memasak pun... cume tolong angkat2 barang sikit, basuh2 pinggan sikit. :3 and then after shower, breakfast, and everything in between, my family and i went to this one relative's house. BUMMER! they have waited too long for us and decided that they'll go visit their other relatives. which is NOT our fault, it's because we have to wait for, like, hours for mama's brother and his family to reach the meeting place. but before we set off, sempatlah ambil beberapa gambar....

papa, his sister and mama

papa, ayu and hitam XD
(too bad hitam didnt have any outfit for this day. when will the fateful day of me discovering a tutu skirt fit for him will arrive? ok, maybe not tutu, but a tux maybe? hehe)

papa and i :D this is the first pic of the day hehe

and last but not least, our whole family
(excluding hitam T_T)

ok2 i know the angle is a bit off, tapi xpelah, asal nampak muka ye tak? 

happy eid mubarak to these lovelies :
my family
my friends
mr R and family


Azham Vosovic said...

Fuh, Minty Mint dan keluarga! luvvit hehehehe

lea said...

hahaha thanks XD