Tuesday, 30 August 2011

14 steps for good breakfast

i love breakfast. i need breakfast everyday or else i'll be changing into a frenzy of hunger and anger by the time the clock hits 10. and i want to share this great article of "14 ways for better breakfast" i found here, in much simpler way as of to remind myself and whoever reading this.

1. never ever skip breakfast

2. eat within 60-90 minutes after waking up

3. include calcium

4. fruit or veggie CAN be a decent breakfast

5. also decent : anything fiber-rich like oatmeal

6. at least ONE protein / fat foodies : eggs, nuts, etc

7. NO sugary cereal, YES fiber-y, bran-y ones

8. also decent : smoothie of all nature's goodness

9. eat fruit, not sugary juice

10. spices are good! eg, cinnamon on oatmeal

11. omega 3 is good a) flaxseed in oatmeal b) DHA eggs

12. say NEVER to artificial sweeteners 

13. plainest, lowest sugar content is every. single. thing.

14. no meat in the morning, egg is acceptable

ok. i'll try all these tips out. pinky promise.

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