Tuesday, 23 August 2011

of beyblades, two siblings and an angry mother (teehee)

what do you think when you see this pic? particularly in ebay? hahaha, the story goes like this. the boys play their beyblades in bathtub. the bathtub was a bit damaged, and the angry mom has to pay. she told the boys to auction off their beyblades to cover the cost of mending the bathtub. there goes the crying brother and the solemn other.

it's a usual occasion for things like that to be auctioned off, but because the picture AND the story behind it was interesting, the peeps lingering around the net had no option but to create meme based on it. this is one of em.

excuse me, but this younger brother did seem a bit... dark? hahaha but still very cute ! XD

cheerio :)

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