Thursday, 29 March 2012

joyeux anniversaire tardif, monstre mère ... :D

i know, i suck at drawing after people. this doesn't even look like her. but it's the thought that counts, right?


you've been inspiring me in so many ways, your bravery in expressing yourself, your music, and one more aspect that i can't quite say here. i hope you'll continue to inspire people to come in terms with who they really are.

i'm on my way, but it's a long journey anyways.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

the simplest parenting book ever :)

i just love it that derrick has such a special relationship with his mother. now that it has come to the hard part, i hope all is well 

i drew a starter for a story in my mind ( folie à quatre, madness of four ) and this one looks like xiaxue lol. at least to my eyes la... lol

breaks are for bitches

this is when eric and stacey each has to sit for their course's exams. lol i love their spirits in studying. eric even had adult diapers ::snickers:: 

Monday, 26 March 2012

rambles : thinking of writing again :)

after TimKay chronicles that i stopped halfway because of the much-feared ending, i was comfortable with on-off stories that just simply circled in my head. but today, i drew something in class. and that very much inspired me to write something. maybe a complete story? maybe another halfway-completed project? maybe i'll just continue dreaming? 

i seriously don't know. 

but i'm kinda hoping it work :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

rm10 for food a day in upm :) compared to ipba with all the temptation... lol

living in upm, despite its MANY cons, but i found something very meaningful and beneficial. because the food source are far,far away, i have less tendency to eat dinner. so i was basically left with breakfast, lunch, and biscuits at night.

for breakfast, i took a meal replacement that cost me around rm5. i add some psyllium husk to make me feel full. (if you're wondering, it's a type of fiber that's good for someone that seldom eat fruits like me hihi) and if i'm craving for something sweet i'll munch a packet of biscuit too.

for lunch, there's much choice to go in upm. flat lama, putra food court near K5, restoran tepi tasik, and the small stall in front of my fakulti pengajian pendidikan. i usually spend around rm5 for lunch. the most i have spend for lunch until now maybe.. rm6? the one time at mcD tu lain cerita.

and for dinner, for me it's just water and maybe another packet of biscuit. coz the food source is SO far,far away.

le UPM situation

le me : i'm not hungry. i just want to chew something.

le mind : penat seh nak menapak turun tingkat 3. nak kene jalan lagi. pastu nak naik balik tingkat 3. pastu bajet lari. pastu lemak bertambah...

le nafsu : +_+ (lost) 

which is a good thing. i can totally imagine le me being in ipba.

le ipba situation

le me : i'm not hungry. i just want to chew something. 

le nafsu : scud bukak. garden pun ade. makan burger malam2 ni sedap jugak.. ala, burger bukan mahal pun.. takat rm2 something apelah sangat kan.. lagipun lif ade, xyah nak menapak bagai...

le mind : ~ah #_#


i just hope i can stay strong when i come back to ipba. still mising it X)


i'm just happy that it's weekend

though it's a bit saddened that someone i care about may not remember about me at all these few days. ::sigh::

but still ::BIG SMILE::

and i finally send my drawing to Joe! Yahow! I hope he will featured it in the magazine :D that would be very meaningful to contribute bits and pieces to them guys YAAAY

"cheeky-chops".... giggles.

(to avoid any sensitive issues people may feel about that particular drawing i have refrained from posting it here =_=)

Friday, 23 March 2012

last year, the first time i read this list, i had mild paranoia of stepping into an elevator +_+

the number one case frighten me the most. can you imagine being left alone with a human head in an elevator? with the eyes looking at you? i'd be traumatic for the rest of my life.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

by girl for girl : menstrual cup, alternative for tampons and pads

i've been eyeing this thing since the end of last year, but never actually be tempted enough to try. and still not know. but i found a good reasoning by in a yahoo answer and i thought i want to dump it here. in case i want to buy one, eventually.



• Healthy and safe.

Menstrual cups allow your vagina to function as it would normally, self-cleaning and keeping the walls of the vagina moist to protect from infection and damage. As menstrual cups are made from either medical grade silicone or natural gum rubber it means there is no where for bacteria to multiply. Menstrual cups do not contain synthetics, chemicals, additives or bleaches which means no increased risk of infection or long-term health problems. This is put into direct comparison with tampon health risks, because of their affect on the vagina and chemical treatment tampons put women at high risk of everything from vaginal infections to TSS, vaginal splitting to cancer. Unlike tampons menstrual cups have never caused or contributed to a death. Menstrual cups have never been associated with TSS or any other health problem. Many women also reports lowered menstrual flow, bloating and cramping when switching from tampons to menstrual cups. 

• Clean. 

Allowing the vagina to self-clean as it would normally and not giving bacteria a place to multiply means that the vaginal environment is no different with a menstrual cup in as it would be without a menstrual cup in. Menstrual cups are sanitary like all other menstrual options but they can also be sterilised. They take nothing to clean, soap and water is all that is needed. Personally I recommend emptying in the shower, particularly when first getting used to the menstrual cup this makes things easier. If you find you have to empty in a public bathroom you can carry a water bottle, wipes, use toilet paper or just reinsert without risk. 

• Convenient.

Menstrual cups can be worn safely and without leaks for up to 12 hours at a time, this includes from a very light flow to very heavy flow, you can use them before your period is due to avoid being caught without protection, you can wear them safely at night, you can wear them to deal with excessive discharge. Menstrual cups are also perfect for sports as they do not cause cramps or bloating, they are reliable and nothing shows on the outside of your body, they also don’t absorb fluids making them great for swimming. You never need to carry spares, never risk running out, and don’t have to worry about disposal. You also don’t have to constantly change absorbencies or worry about health risks. 

• Cheap.

One menstrual cup will cost you around $35, cheaper if you shop around and depending on what brand you choose. I figured out last week that if I had still been using tampons and pads it would have cost me £20,000 over ten years; where as my menstrual cup only cost me £17, which is a hell of a saving. Most menstrual cup brands offer money back guarantees so you can try them and if not for you then you can get all your money back, so you have nothing to loose in trying them – oh, plus if one brand doesn’t work for you it means you can try another one without having to pay twice! 

• Environmentally friendly. 

A woman will use 12,000-16,000 tampons or pads in her lifetime; a menstrual cup lasts for up to 10 years so that cuts down on a lot of waste being put into landfills or blocking up our sewage systems and ending up on our beaches unable to biodegrade. Manufacturing of commercial tampons and pads means the use of non-organic cotton and synthetic materials made from a small percentage of the wood forested for the purpose, these materials are then chemically treated which adds to pollution, and the extra energy required for these unnecessary treatments results in increased CO2 emissions. 

As for cons, to be honest I don’t think any menstrual cup user will really come up with many cons and the ones that you can come up with are rare cares where a person’s personal ideas or experiences come into play, not issues with the menstrual cups themselves. 


• They are more hands-on, which some women are uncomfortable with.
• They can be difficult to get your head around at first, all new ideas are, insertion can seem problematic as menstrual cups seem large (in fact they aren’t much bigger than tampons and your vagina can more than handle it) and because they may pop open a lot at first. You get time to try them and you can try on dry-runs, but it is easier to do when menstruating and trying different folding methods – sometimes women loose grip of their menstrual cup and it goes flying. Removal has similar problems, wondering for the firs time how the hell to get the cup out without splitting anything, again you get over this in time and best done in the shower at first to avoid mess (menstrual cups aren’t normally messy, but have the potential to be if you loose your grip or slip). Using a menstrual cup becomes like second nature. 

• Some women feel discomfort, we are all different, although most women say they are very comfortable some women can feel pressure on their rectum or urethra, other women find the suction is too strong. 

I should also make a note to the brand you linked to, Divacup, they are one of the bigger and better known brands, they offer a 12 month money back guarantee which is longer than any other brand offers, they are silicone so this means that they are easier to keep clean and see menstrual flow, and they don’t leave any taste or smell in your vagina as rubber ones can. Cons of the Divacup are that they are one of the larger and less flexible brands, this may not be a problem for you at all, but if you get one and it is a problem I recommend the Mooncup or the Ladycup – Ladycup are actually the smallest and most flexible menstrual cup brand available.


also, this is one hell informative site about this thing :

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

anime : Kill Me Baby, an anime that is sooooooo cute!

i haven't downloaded any anime for a long time, so i went to metanorn to check the 2012 winter anime catalogue. and that's where i found Kill Me Baby. i liked the drawing muchie much,

so i downloaded the first episode. it's sooo cute, though it's a story about as assassin Sonya (the blondie) who went to school with the dimwit-like Yasuna. this is all about their daily life at school with additional presence of several other weird character.

I like the randomness and the weird chacraters, but it's no match to Nichijou, which in my opinion is the best random anime of all, where i can't even predict what's going to happen next. Oh, but Kill Me Baby definitely got the second place lol.

And i just love the seiyuu who contribute her voice for Yasuna. SUCH CUTE VOICE! at times i would just open any episodes so that the audio just keep playing while i'm surfing the net. kinda cheered up this little empty room T_T

and to end this post.... my favourite snapshot after Yasuna beat a frigging BEAR

lol. i'm so loving this.

Monday, 19 March 2012

how to eat less :)

1. don't eat while watching TV (or that sitcom you just downloaded ) because then you will eat food NOT because you're hungry, but simply because the food is there. also, eating when you're watching those things will cause you to not giving full attention to the eye candy featured in the series. what a waste. and then your waistline went <-------------> not pretty

2. buy smaller plates to put at home. ( well, i can't help it that gerai mamak always had that ginormous plates ) ranging from 8.5 to 10 inches of diameter. well, at least they are cheaper than the large one. and less heavy.

this is psychology. when you have your plate full, you'll feel that you've taken as much as you can, no matter how less the diameter is.

3. put down your fork (or rest your hand) after the third bite. if you eat too fast, you may be full without realizing it. chill for a moment between bites and check your phone if your BFF had send another photo of a hottie. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

moi first art trade : mel amalina :)

i've been favourit-ing (no there's no such word :P) mel amalina's artwork from the first time i entered her blog. it's so simple, cute and yummeh XD so i asked for an art trade with her and she was very cooperative :)

apparently, art trade is an activity among artist bloggers where they will... uh... trade their artworks. coz most of them are very particular of 'image thief' and don't want their hard-made artworks got copy-pasted by the others, so a good way to get our hands on their works are by trading art. it's a simple 'i give you something, you give me something' kinda thing :) 

this is what i gave her

first time meh drawing jubah woooo... haha

and this is what mel gave me :)

she mistakenly wrote my name as farah lea... hehehe, but it was no biggie. awww...  pink and black is TOTAL favvie... ^^ and the ribbons! ::gasp:: it's a very cute dress!

thanks kak mel! :D

my craze for now, after Jane by Design is over (sadly), is I Just Want My Pants Back

it's about Jason, this guy, who hooked up with one girl, Jane. but the next morning, Jane left with Jason's jeans and... a fake phone number. the story continued after that.

it was good, considering it's from MTV. well, it only scored 5.6 at imdb but i really think it's good. and one more thing about this story is it featured quite a lot of sex scene, sometimes three times in one episode. not that porn-ish one, but rather contextual ones.  a life story about young peple struggling (in a good way) to live in a city is never boring, especially when those involved are good looking. any eye candy never gets by meh :P in this story my eye candy is... Jason himself. though he's a bit too skinny. lol.

and because my forever-obsession towards boy-girl friendship seemingly never stop, i was thrilled to find that Jason is best friend with Tina, the girl above. (after Jane by Design frustrate me with Billy realizing he loved Jane all along, i'm kinda hoping this series won't have such ending) She was free, naughty and pretty... basically something i wanna be. lol. maybe. She reminds me a lot of Tiffany from Eating Out series (some may not want to google it, it's a gay-themed romantic comedy) but Tina is a LOT less slutty. lulz.

currently i just watched until episode 6, i don't know if i can make it to 12, coz my broadband is nearing the limit (just after 3 days of a new cycle, geez, Digi). but i'm pretty sure i'm gonna continue watching it :)

and to end this post, is a snap of Tina having 'the last night of summer camp' in Jason's place. awww, i mean AWWWW...

i wish that would be future me, and that guy is the man i haven't found yet... ::giggles::

another Lancôme contest! this time the lucky winner will get a rm3000-worth evening dress. okay, the dress might not fit me, but heh. rm3000..

this is not nuffnang or any other ads, it's just a contest held in Lancôme's Facebook fan page. 

it's easy, really, just answer a couple of questions, there're overall three sets of them and the first's due date is on 21st March. and then, let your Mr. Luck play his role lol

click the pic below to go to their fan page :)


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Arra Ahmad's 7th Wedding Anniversary Contest

saw the contest in WLA page (thanks myra! ) and can't help but to join. i was never really good in drawing couples, but perfection needs practice right?

so here's my drawing for this contest :)

to be frank, i LOVE the dress. i don't know where it come from. initially i wanted to make the couple western-style, with the usual white gown and matching suit. but i remembered that this is someone's wife and i can't just portray her as sexy as i like, so i decided to make the drawing more polite. :) 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

gift for a friend, and my entry for Aminah's friend :)

these few days, i've got nothing to draw, except for that 1citizen portfolio thing, and one entry for Bika's activity in search of Aminah's New Best Friend.

then i remembered my friend, Azham had asked me to draw him a few days ago in, so I made it, with a series of failure, of course. I dont know why i find it sooo hard drawing a boy compared to a girl. even when it's chibi. =_=''' anyhoo, i made it ^_^

i really, really love the hair and the eyes. :D so, my other project for Bika's activity in WLA is to draw a chubby chibi to be Aminah's friend. and i drew this.

is that enough of fat to be called chubby? i really don't know.  coz i REALLY tend to dra my characters skinny coz i wish to be skinny so badly 

anyone seeing this must sorta wonder why i draw things only until waist level. well, i did draw them on paper complete, head to toe. but coz i don't have scanner and have to rely on a phone camera to took the picture, a full snap looks so hideous to me, that i decide to only took the half snap. conclusion, i can't wait to have a scanner. err.. maybe next sem, coz i intend to take car license this sem. :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

watching awkward kinda takes me back to high school life.... that i never had

what does it feel having a relationship with someone your age? i may not have a chance to discover it, but in jenna's life, i find the equation. he may not be sincere, but she may not be always right. i love how their feelings sparked and they're not hesitant to embrace it. i adore how jenna was brave to say whatever she felt to matty, though matty is the school jock and also her crush.

it's a high school life i never had, but at least i had the chance to get to know it. :) 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

another drawing, with only one word to describe it. RIDICULOSITY

i find it utterly ridiculous that people who entered uni's still have kindergarten mentality. 

like the senior-junior things. bunch of bullshit, imho ( if you don't know the meaning of imho, apparently you're the ho, not me :P) we carry enough academic burden from our faculty and then all these so-called seniors want to shove their yelling and screaming and all the suppressed anger of being bullied when they were juniors... guess? onto us.

kindergarten mentality : revenge ALL i want because nobody will stop me. i'm just a kid anyway.

a drama director who want the potential actor and actresses to speak in queen's english. oh, so when you're in a fable-ish drama, you must speak their way to retain the mood? even at the risk that the spectators (if any, believe me, the storyline is stupid and BOO-ring) wouldn't understand the message the characters are trying to convey?

kindergarten mentality : if this toy is not programmed to speak in british slang, i want it out of my room! even if daddy bought that with half of his life savings!

and that's all i can write for now.

still missing ipba :( 


Sunday, 4 March 2012

my favourite beautiful natural phenomena :)

1. light pillars

 in very cold weather → ice crystals suspended in atmosphere → ice crystals reflect light back to us

the higher the ice crystals → the taller the light pillars

2. maelstroms


3. aurora
particles ejected on solar wind → particles channeled into atmosphere → particles and atmosphere collide → particle ionize atoms → light released


only two types of monotremes live today : platypus and echidna



these two monotremes are so cute!

i just hope i won't mistakenly put the term 'monotremes as 'metronemes' =_=''