Sunday, 18 March 2012

moi first art trade : mel amalina :)

i've been favourit-ing (no there's no such word :P) mel amalina's artwork from the first time i entered her blog. it's so simple, cute and yummeh XD so i asked for an art trade with her and she was very cooperative :)

apparently, art trade is an activity among artist bloggers where they will... uh... trade their artworks. coz most of them are very particular of 'image thief' and don't want their hard-made artworks got copy-pasted by the others, so a good way to get our hands on their works are by trading art. it's a simple 'i give you something, you give me something' kinda thing :) 

this is what i gave her

first time meh drawing jubah woooo... haha

and this is what mel gave me :)

she mistakenly wrote my name as farah lea... hehehe, but it was no biggie. awww...  pink and black is TOTAL favvie... ^^ and the ribbons! ::gasp:: it's a very cute dress!

thanks kak mel! :D


Ayuni said...

you are talented in drawing!

fatinlea said...

i guess... but still got lots of weakness... hehehe thanks :D