Wednesday, 14 March 2012

gift for a friend, and my entry for Aminah's friend :)

these few days, i've got nothing to draw, except for that 1citizen portfolio thing, and one entry for Bika's activity in search of Aminah's New Best Friend.

then i remembered my friend, Azham had asked me to draw him a few days ago in, so I made it, with a series of failure, of course. I dont know why i find it sooo hard drawing a boy compared to a girl. even when it's chibi. =_=''' anyhoo, i made it ^_^

i really, really love the hair and the eyes. :D so, my other project for Bika's activity in WLA is to draw a chubby chibi to be Aminah's friend. and i drew this.

is that enough of fat to be called chubby? i really don't know.  coz i REALLY tend to dra my characters skinny coz i wish to be skinny so badly 

anyone seeing this must sorta wonder why i draw things only until waist level. well, i did draw them on paper complete, head to toe. but coz i don't have scanner and have to rely on a phone camera to took the picture, a full snap looks so hideous to me, that i decide to only took the half snap. conclusion, i can't wait to have a scanner. err.. maybe next sem, coz i intend to take car license this sem. :)


Azhafizah[フィザ] said...

cantik style fatin draw doodle ni.Suke tengok!

fatinlea said...

hehe thanks kak... selame ni ala2 camni jugak la saya lukis... nak buat yang lain tangan dah beku dah... huhu