Monday, 19 March 2012

how to eat less :)

1. don't eat while watching TV (or that sitcom you just downloaded ) because then you will eat food NOT because you're hungry, but simply because the food is there. also, eating when you're watching those things will cause you to not giving full attention to the eye candy featured in the series. what a waste. and then your waistline went <-------------> not pretty

2. buy smaller plates to put at home. ( well, i can't help it that gerai mamak always had that ginormous plates ) ranging from 8.5 to 10 inches of diameter. well, at least they are cheaper than the large one. and less heavy.

this is psychology. when you have your plate full, you'll feel that you've taken as much as you can, no matter how less the diameter is.

3. put down your fork (or rest your hand) after the third bite. if you eat too fast, you may be full without realizing it. chill for a moment between bites and check your phone if your BFF had send another photo of a hottie.