Wednesday, 21 March 2012

anime : Kill Me Baby, an anime that is sooooooo cute!

i haven't downloaded any anime for a long time, so i went to metanorn to check the 2012 winter anime catalogue. and that's where i found Kill Me Baby. i liked the drawing muchie much,

so i downloaded the first episode. it's sooo cute, though it's a story about as assassin Sonya (the blondie) who went to school with the dimwit-like Yasuna. this is all about their daily life at school with additional presence of several other weird character.

I like the randomness and the weird chacraters, but it's no match to Nichijou, which in my opinion is the best random anime of all, where i can't even predict what's going to happen next. Oh, but Kill Me Baby definitely got the second place lol.

And i just love the seiyuu who contribute her voice for Yasuna. SUCH CUTE VOICE! at times i would just open any episodes so that the audio just keep playing while i'm surfing the net. kinda cheered up this little empty room T_T

and to end this post.... my favourite snapshot after Yasuna beat a frigging BEAR

lol. i'm so loving this.

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