Saturday, 24 March 2012

rm10 for food a day in upm :) compared to ipba with all the temptation... lol

living in upm, despite its MANY cons, but i found something very meaningful and beneficial. because the food source are far,far away, i have less tendency to eat dinner. so i was basically left with breakfast, lunch, and biscuits at night.

for breakfast, i took a meal replacement that cost me around rm5. i add some psyllium husk to make me feel full. (if you're wondering, it's a type of fiber that's good for someone that seldom eat fruits like me hihi) and if i'm craving for something sweet i'll munch a packet of biscuit too.

for lunch, there's much choice to go in upm. flat lama, putra food court near K5, restoran tepi tasik, and the small stall in front of my fakulti pengajian pendidikan. i usually spend around rm5 for lunch. the most i have spend for lunch until now maybe.. rm6? the one time at mcD tu lain cerita.

and for dinner, for me it's just water and maybe another packet of biscuit. coz the food source is SO far,far away.

le UPM situation

le me : i'm not hungry. i just want to chew something.

le mind : penat seh nak menapak turun tingkat 3. nak kene jalan lagi. pastu nak naik balik tingkat 3. pastu bajet lari. pastu lemak bertambah...

le nafsu : +_+ (lost) 

which is a good thing. i can totally imagine le me being in ipba.

le ipba situation

le me : i'm not hungry. i just want to chew something. 

le nafsu : scud bukak. garden pun ade. makan burger malam2 ni sedap jugak.. ala, burger bukan mahal pun.. takat rm2 something apelah sangat kan.. lagipun lif ade, xyah nak menapak bagai...

le mind : ~ah #_#


i just hope i can stay strong when i come back to ipba. still mising it X)



Narumi Isozaki said...

palig sikit aku pernah spend rm 2.50 1 hari. lau tiap2 ary, mmg berkepuk-kepuk duit ak agknyer.. haha.. =D

fatinlea said...

la.... aku ingat minah jepun mane la... hahaha... mampu ko belanje 2.50 sehari? makan nasi ngan sayur je la jawabnye kalo aku target camtu... huhuhu