Sunday, 18 March 2012

my craze for now, after Jane by Design is over (sadly), is I Just Want My Pants Back

it's about Jason, this guy, who hooked up with one girl, Jane. but the next morning, Jane left with Jason's jeans and... a fake phone number. the story continued after that.

it was good, considering it's from MTV. well, it only scored 5.6 at imdb but i really think it's good. and one more thing about this story is it featured quite a lot of sex scene, sometimes three times in one episode. not that porn-ish one, but rather contextual ones.  a life story about young peple struggling (in a good way) to live in a city is never boring, especially when those involved are good looking. any eye candy never gets by meh :P in this story my eye candy is... Jason himself. though he's a bit too skinny. lol.

and because my forever-obsession towards boy-girl friendship seemingly never stop, i was thrilled to find that Jason is best friend with Tina, the girl above. (after Jane by Design frustrate me with Billy realizing he loved Jane all along, i'm kinda hoping this series won't have such ending) She was free, naughty and pretty... basically something i wanna be. lol. maybe. She reminds me a lot of Tiffany from Eating Out series (some may not want to google it, it's a gay-themed romantic comedy) but Tina is a LOT less slutty. lulz.

currently i just watched until episode 6, i don't know if i can make it to 12, coz my broadband is nearing the limit (just after 3 days of a new cycle, geez, Digi). but i'm pretty sure i'm gonna continue watching it :)

and to end this post, is a snap of Tina having 'the last night of summer camp' in Jason's place. awww, i mean AWWWW...

i wish that would be future me, and that guy is the man i haven't found yet... ::giggles::

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