Saturday, 26 January 2013

and another list of books i've read.

this is my first book of our much-adored special agent pendergast chronicles, and allow me to say that this book kick ass, mine, at least. 

unlike agatha christie, this book doesn't puzzle me every two seconds with bombastic words, i can glide through it rather easily (though i guess i tapped a lot on my kindle for meaning of certain terms. the one perk of reading with kindle :P)

why i read this book in the beginning? purely aesthetic motive. one day i was perusing the forum for ebooks, and suddenly this handsome portrayal of a fictional character popped out. HE'S SO COOL. i was hooked the first time i saw him, which then trigger me to try reading the book. 

i don't know, but this time lady luck is in my side. i really want to like this book, and aside from the rather manageable language, smooth storyline, the suspense and just plain brilliant storybase, i am now another fan of pendergast series, hands down. and this book actually revolves around oddities of the world, which happens to be my favourite matter. two birds with one stone :)

and this book is actually kinda gory, especially the part of how the surgeon performs his killings. it actually gave me goosebumps. eek.


i read this novel because i want to understand what the hell is going on with a priest of a school performing exorcism that result in opposite effect; the students become even more associated with the force of devil (as told by the narrator). then, nearing the end of the novel, it dawned on me that the devil force is associated with another religion. 

so offensive. 

the author actually managed to insult two largest religions in the world with a single novel. 


this is actually a fairly pleasant novel about an amish woman, Sara, who daringly challenge the society by becoming a midwife, which was practically nonexistent at that time, thus putting labour into a very risky phase of women's life.

through her midwifery, she met Adam who lost his wife through labour, and his motherless children. he asked her to keep them for a while, he has the secret paranoia of becoming an evil father as his own late father towards the little girls. then something happened, Adam was badly hurt, forcing Sara to live in his house while looking after him as well as the children.

that starts off their episodes of romance, which quickly escalate as the church ordered them to marry as soon as Sara was found out living together with Adam without any ties.

all in all, great novel, great characters, great story.


this novel includes two stories about the magic of Christmas. 

the first one is about a man finally reunited with his old flame and a daughter he never knew to be his.

the second one is actually a cute story of a pair of twins wishing for a mother from Santa, which come to them in the form of their cousin's music teacher, Nell. They tried so hard to try to matchmake their father and Nell, in the cute was children do, and combined with fate, this story ends with happy ending.


this novel is quite racy, hands down.

the blurb on the cover explains it all.


one of my favourites, though by now i've forgotten the name of the main character. 

she doesn't know what she want to do in her life, so in the meantime, she resorts to being a waitress.

later, she realize that life is all about taking risk, making her own order, instead of taking others'.

the ending is a little staged, but i liked it, it's witty :P 


ya... apparently people DO ask for weird things in a bookshop.

not that funny, but a good material for light reading :)


Friday, 18 January 2013

another book list, well actually only two books :)

an investigation book, but with more adult touch compared to nancy drew or the hardy boys

this book tells about an old man's adventure in his quest to meet his sickly long-begone friend. he pledges to walk through a LONG distance for the purpose.

Monday, 14 January 2013

matcha tea, my favourite tea aside from the malaysian teh tarik and sweetened iced tea :D

i initially found matcha tea among the varieties of teas in Tea Bar, and along with 'just nice' touch of red beans in the beverage, i was hooked. 

i know these instant tea (bubble tea they call em?) are not good for health but it's so convenient browsing around the mall while sipping your favourite tea. making the struts fly by >_<

i happen to look around amazon for the kind of match tea they sell there, and wow, the price... i mean, perhaps i am better off looking for match tea in carrefour, jusco, or maybe cold storage. much more compatible with my bank account :P


after a LONG hiatus, i finally drew something.. and i dunno why, i love it :P

i still havent caught the mood for coloring, plus i honestly think my drawing looks better unlike people naked.

so i just cleaned it up a bit. 

this is as good as my lazy ass is capable of doing.

but true, i really love this one. 

oh ya, got the idea of guys with lip piercing from the novel The Secret of Ella and Micha. it did makes the character seems a bit more manly. gee sorry i cant help but drawing one of those jambu faces again and again 

oh, and i WANT DAT WAIST!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the books i've read : minus anything much to say :P

easy language, interesting storyline, but a bit too much christianity-related for my taste. but hey, additional biblical vocabulary.

oh, don't you think the cover girl looks a bit like amanda seyfried? just more creepy. haha.


crazy interesting book. my first completed cecelia ahern book. 


beautiful cover. i think this is my favourite cover for 2012. :P anyway, no this is not a gothic story, just hidden love between two buddies who desperately try to friendzone each other to no avail.


this book gets kinda boring after a while. i dont know, stockholm syndrom is not really my field of interest, especially when the abductor is old man and the abductee is a 12-year-old girl.


my first nicholas sparks completed book. i know i'm a late bloomer. really interesting, really touch you in the heart. great ending. it's just that the letters in the bottle... is a man really capable of writing them that beautiful way? i sincerely doubt that. i have no scepticism with garrett irl though.

oh, i had fun imagining pat monahan acting in garrett's place. i know he's a bit older but... meh. he's HOT.