Friday, 18 January 2013

another book list, well actually only two books :)

an investigation book, but with more adult touch compared to nancy drew or the hardy boys

this book tells about an old man's adventure in his quest to meet his sickly long-begone friend. he pledges to walk through a LONG distance for the purpose.


Azham Vsvc said...

hey, the first book seems cool!!!

And I read Hardy Boys too....the Malay translation version hahaha!

Azera Aziz said...


Hebat tu baca novel Inggeris..Kak Azera terkial2 nak baca novel versi bahasa Inggeris lol.. :-D

Anyway Azera sedang mencari bloggers yang sudi sponsor untuk Giveaway...Kalau sudi la.. Kak Azera dah follow sini...

tengok kat sini yer..

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