Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the books i've read : minus anything much to say :P

easy language, interesting storyline, but a bit too much christianity-related for my taste. but hey, additional biblical vocabulary.

oh, don't you think the cover girl looks a bit like amanda seyfried? just more creepy. haha.


crazy interesting book. my first completed cecelia ahern book. 


beautiful cover. i think this is my favourite cover for 2012. :P anyway, no this is not a gothic story, just hidden love between two buddies who desperately try to friendzone each other to no avail.


this book gets kinda boring after a while. i dont know, stockholm syndrom is not really my field of interest, especially when the abductor is old man and the abductee is a 12-year-old girl.


my first nicholas sparks completed book. i know i'm a late bloomer. really interesting, really touch you in the heart. great ending. it's just that the letters in the bottle... is a man really capable of writing them that beautiful way? i sincerely doubt that. i have no scepticism with garrett irl though.

oh, i had fun imagining pat monahan acting in garrett's place. i know he's a bit older but... meh. he's HOT.

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