Saturday, 18 May 2013

up and down days...

it has been a little over a week since i decided to seriously follow the alternate-day fasting diet. to be honest, it is not easy, you know the times when we REALLY want to do something when we're not supposed to? that's me on my fasting day. 


and when it's my feed day, yeah, i eat like usual. but sometimes i was like "tch, i have to eat... coz i can't tomorrow..." OR "gee, i'm still full! can i NOT eat?" okay, now both mentality are WRONG. and i hope i can get rid of them soon.

i) "tch, i have to eat... coz i can't tomorrow..."
  come on, you still have the day after tomorrow, and another future feed days to eat. come on.

ii) "gee, i'm still full! can i NOT eat?"
   EAT! at least until you fulfill your calories need for today! you know if you eat too little everyday, your metabolism will slow down... 

but because today i'm at home, my down day automatically goes down the drain. 

first, my mom made mutton soup. HOW COULD I SAY NO?
second, my parents bought food from pasar malam.
third, my sis-in-law brought food from her house's kenduri
fourth, my bro brought still-sizzling potato wedges with cheese!
fifth, the cheesecake i bought yesterday is still in the fridge, and i was tempted to take another bite. i did =_=

as a conclusion, i love this diet. not only it encourage me to save money (LOL) but it also makes me realize just how i've eaten like a VERY HUNGRY PIG everytime i'm home. plus, i've seen the weighing scale's spinning a bit less when i stepped on it hehe. :P so i'm gonna continue with it....

... I just have to figure out how to say no to food on my down days, no matter where i am, well, especially when I'm HOME!