Wednesday, 27 June 2012

my opinion : dragon quest ix sentinels of the starry skies

It's holiday, again, so I just HAVE to play another rpg game :D 

Last year I played Dragon Quest V : Hand of the Heavenly Bride, and had a good time! Considering it was my first rpg game, i really like the easily navigated interface and the interesting storyline (which is one of the reasons i took up rpg after decades of playing unfinished Harvest Moon)

This year, I decided to try on Dragon Quest IX : Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Initially I intended to try out either Children of Mana or Disgaea DS but i guess i am more comfortable  continuing with the Dragon Quest chronicles. 

i can't say i'm not impressed with this game. first, the storyline is sooo interesting! there's so many unexpected events and great stories that i feel as if i can make sole stories out of them :D 

next, you can frigging costumize your character, and also the rest of the party! these are the characters that I have currently. 

Alyss, the minstrel

Eddard, the warrior

Shae, the martial artist

Jaqen, the priest

the other thing i like about this game is the battle scenes. this is one aspect that amazes me the most. the system is pretty much the same as Dragon Quest games before it, but i like the first and third person perspective applied, as it enable me to watch the battle that's going on. and i particularly am still amazed by the slow-mo thing that happen when the characters do their critical hit. SO COOL! 

so i'm on the beginning of the long way of meeting the final boss, so good luck me! hehe.

p/s : if the names seems familiar to you, they're from Game of Thrones! (except Alyss) :D obviously i'm still in the fever haha

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

the cute chromie, my solution for faster browsing

once upon a time, i was a big fan of foxxie. she was sleek, elegant, fast-moving and very beautiful. i would meet her everyday as she helped me going through my virtual life. the sweet moments. ah.

but something happened. 

and foxxie refused to work with me anymore. i was devastated. to think of the other options i have already installed in my world, there's only explorie with her ugly blue dress and those slow-moving long legs. oh mon dieu, hell no!

then i found chromie. she was the new girl, popular and cheery and everybody adored her. so i tried using her help in managing my virtual life. until today, i think she was great. 

so right now, foxxie gradually disintegrates into nothingness, while chromie shines like moon in the dark night.  

the stripesy girl with cute little hat

obviously, this is not a good piece. i'm perfectly aware. that's why i made it a goal to make a better version of this in the future. i hope i won't forget to actually draw one. hihi.

Monday, 4 June 2012

burger bakar at Bismillah Rstaurant, Serdang

i've always have this urge to try out the burger bakar trend, but the closest i did get was the Wendy's Hot n' Juicy Cheeseburgers, which is really not bad at all! at around rm17, i get the cheeseburger with double patty, complete with the complementary drink and fries. i was full after only gobbling on the burger alone :D i'll definitely go again to Wendy's to try out their other menu. too bad there's still no Wendy's in Batu Pahat :(

but there's always something different from the fast food stuff with the tepi jalan stuff, or it's just me :/. but i reckon that one fine day i will eventually get around to eating the burger bakar tepi jalan that i always wanted, but i never thought that the day will come much earlier. hehehe.

one day, diba was fasting and le me was practising fasting. lol i know it's so mengada-ngada.. so after maghrib, as usual we're hunting for food around serdang, and we eventually went to this mamak restaurant, Bismillah. and guess what, there's burger bakar sold there! i went for beef burger bakar with cheese at the price of rm7. i still think that's quite a lot to be spending on something that tastes good but will stay in my thigh. tch. anyway...

yeah, it looks good, but it will look SO BAD around my thigh

  as always, diba wanted to snap picture with le food :P

just a reminder for me : only have children when you're ready psychologically and economically. if you really want the best for them.

and.... HUNDREDS just for un-compulsory shots as safety measures from possible illnesses. 

and we haven't talk about TERTIARY EDUCATION. hundreds of thousands.

so please, future me. think before you even intend to procreate.