Wednesday, 6 June 2012

the cute chromie, my solution for faster browsing

once upon a time, i was a big fan of foxxie. she was sleek, elegant, fast-moving and very beautiful. i would meet her everyday as she helped me going through my virtual life. the sweet moments. ah.

but something happened. 

and foxxie refused to work with me anymore. i was devastated. to think of the other options i have already installed in my world, there's only explorie with her ugly blue dress and those slow-moving long legs. oh mon dieu, hell no!

then i found chromie. she was the new girl, popular and cheery and everybody adored her. so i tried using her help in managing my virtual life. until today, i think she was great. 

so right now, foxxie gradually disintegrates into nothingness, while chromie shines like moon in the dark night.  


ba ba black sheep said...

Cik kamp. Aku gune dah lame. dari dulu ak cakap x nak dgo. hahaha :P

fatinlea said...

aaah firefox mmg dah best tapi salah die la jem tetibe. :P