Thursday, 26 April 2012

kanbanflow : the daily task manager

recently, i was piled with many task and assignments, and up until now i have only the general idea of what i have to do.

this morning, i found kanbanflow, a task manager that's really quite simple.. and it has pomodoro timer! yay!

fyi, pomodoro timer is a method of doing task whereby you're given 25 minutes to do the work and 5 minutes break for each session. (usually i have 25 minutes work and 30 minutes break teehee) before this i relied on this one adobe air app for the purpose of getting the pomodoro timer. but i lost it somehow. ::shrugs::

so this is the interface of kanbanflow.

click to enlarge

don't worry if you don't know how to use it. as soon as you sign up, there'll be a 2-minutes tutorial on how to manipulate things in the site.

so the pomodoro timer is at the lowest part of the site :

and this is what will appear once you click on it :

another thing i love about kanbanflow is that it enable us to set not only task, but also subtask. thus it allow us too monitor the detailed part of a particular task.

i hope i'll continue using it, coz it's so good :D

the old memory

throughout my high school years in tgb, i'm a constant airhead. with BAD BAD morale and memory for it. but things get better (i guess) once i entered form five. 

so with all this nonsensical things swirling in my head, somewhere between these two bad years in the best school (ironic, huh) i met this someone. i always considered him an angel of some sort, because to me, he is.

i don't know how things started or even ended. what i remember was bits and pieces of the moments i have with him, and no it's not romantic. it's just sweet. i was crazy then, and totally have no space for any romanticism to seep in.

right now, the first thing i remember about him is he likes to give me chocolates. and i reciprocated. funny. i dont remember how i met him but i remember this. maybe because there's the word 'chocolate' plastered all over that particular memory.

the next thing is we were all at dewan laksamana, having some kind of party or whatever. it was so bright and noisy, and i was kinda crazy (yeah) so i went out, and guess, he was right at the place i was meant to go. it was just like a pile of concrete or something like that. so i sat down and rambled about everything because, i was crazy, knowing full well he could hear everything i said. i just didn't care.

and the next thing is the fight. because i did something stupid, but it ends with laughter, i guess. so that's not the reason we fell apart.

and the last thing i remember is him lending me his external hard disk. lol i was backward then, so someone lending me a hard disk is a BIG thing.   

okay, the 'real' last thing is we were in the same group during the BTN thing.

okay, okay, i just remembered something. we were in the same special class for additional mathematics. so i guess when we're in form 5 we're still talking.

and then he just sorta... drifted away. i don't know what really happened. i was really an airhead back then. i left high school without even talking to him. and right now, all i have is his name, which i remember is only a word, and his class. i know, i'm horrible with friends' background.

what surprised me the most about him is he's cute, and i am.. not. and also, he's.. let's just say he's the one who would give speeches at majlis ilmu in musolla, and i am the one who would refuse to go to one. we were so different, but i don't know why i kept bumping over him.

and now, i sorta.. miss him, you know. someone who you can still remember years after meeting him/her must be so special. if he was a girl, i would definitely ask around my ex-schoolmates, but him being the opposite just make it hard to find him. knowing me, maybe i would do that still, in the future.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

new series from HBO : girls

i got the pilot episode about last week, i guess. and just now i finished watching it.

my verdict :

it's boring, BORING the hell out of me. it's like watching korean romantic film, where everything moves so slow and people talk so slow, but with american cast. 

and i don't know why the environment is so gloomy. so dark. it's like a total contrast of New Girl and 2 Broke Girls. Hell, even Gilmore Girls are merrier than this. 

lastly, it's NOT a comedy. it's more like a drama coz it never quite make me smile even once.

so i'm deleting the pilot episode and will never ever in my life watch the subsequent episodes. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

the toothy agony

so i've been agonizing about the wisdom tooth for a while and today, i got the first wave of pain. which last for quite sometime. c'est tres ennuyeux. so i've decided to get rid of it. 

i told Mr.R about it, and he told me to come down to Petaling Jaya on early Saturday morning and have it removed then. i wouldn't like to ditch my handball class for this but i've felt that toothache pain and i'm NOT going over it again. 

why Petaling Jaya? well, apparently Mr.R and his friends are all over this one dental clinic that they say has very good anaesthetics. i hope that's true, coz i quite don't like pain. and i don't want to waste my RM80 for having my tooth removed with lots of pain.

i hope everything goes as planned. maybe i can get some sorta letter from the dentist to verify to my coach about me not coming to class this saturday.

wish me the best :)    

Saturday, 21 April 2012

just a project i made for a friend. mon dieu i love combination of white and pink.

after i finished everything, THEN i realized the proportion of the body is a bit OFF. the upper part of the body is too small compared to the head and arms' length. zut.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

rambles : what i like about him

i like his kind eyes.

i like his lopsided grin.

i like his badass strength.

i like his sense of separation from others, but

i like his affection towards the team members.

i like his husky voice.

i like his long hair.

i like his 'thinking of you' song.

i really like eliot spencer at this moment. 

though he's not my usual type of favourite guy.

not my usual lovable.

really... mother's day presents? even that particularly revealing bikini? lol

dem fav series : leverage got me hooked, HARD

i gotta admit, the first time i know about leverage's existence, i wasn't too keen on watching. coz i'm not action addict. that was a couple years ago, the time when i would catch it a few times because my mother was watching it.

so when my brother told me he had all four seasons of leverage, i figured try watching it wouldn't hurt. so i got them on my lappy...

and promptly become addicted.

i finished watching all four seasons in a week. which by my standard is A LOT of couch-potato-ing.


as i suggested before, i'm not action addict, but leverage completely had me. maybe because i like the characters. in the 'modern robin hood' team, there's a hitter, hacker, grifter, thief and a mastermind. they are all good-looking, which is a HUGE bonus for me lol. who doesn't like eye candies anyway?

anyway, leverage season 5 will be premiered this July. CERTAINLY can't wait for it. in the meantime, i will continue stalking Eliot and Nate in the seasons that i already have. love 'em!

oh, oh! i will ramble more about Eliot in the next post! still in love with that guy. hehe


dem fav vid : shane dawson's superluv

in case you don't know, shane dawson is a cute youtube celebrity. but mind you, his words mostly aren't cute at all. lol.

i think this is shane's first authentic music video, usually he just make parodies (funny ones) of others' songs. 

moi verdict :

i LOVE this song. shane's voice is 'okayy' but what had me is the music. LOVE it. 

and i always adored the heroine (she always appeared in many of shane's video. very pretty) so her appearance here is a bonus point. haha.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

Credits to Nuffnang :)

All this time, I've created characters meant for real life stories, but in this post, I made an exception. I am to create a superhero for The Avenger's Team that will help them in their quest of saving the Earth from... the baddies.

My superhero, would be a half-life. A human being turned into a vampire during adolescence. As a member of the dark race, she owns great strength and, of course, immortality. But, she didn't save the world by her strength or immortality. 


Her codename is Miracle, and that's exactly what she does, miracle. In this world, a vampire reborn into the world of darkness will carry with it, a special power sourced from their suffering in their human life. In her previous life, Miracle was a chronic self-mutilator. In her dark days, that weakness turned into an advantage; she has the ability to turn physical wounds into emotional wounds, even from great distance, as long as the person has her trust. 

When a mission is over, emotional wounds would leave her wailing and hysterical, but as time passed by she had developed immunity to negative feelings, which leaves her as pretty much the most optimistic person in the team. HA!  

A normal vampire will have to sleep from dawn till dusk, but  Miracle is different. Her hibernation period was much much shorter, from dawn till afternoon, but still, she can be harmed by sunlight, so she mostly operated from the headquarters if the team went on a mission on broad daylight.

And this is, my mental image of Miracle. What? She happens to like red, LOL.

Is it me, or she looks like the chick in Leverage who ordered the team to bring Moreou down? ::shrugs::

Anyway, that's all. :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

"a man only looks straight into a woman's eyes
when he actually makes an effort to lie"

-sophie deveraux-

Saturday, 7 April 2012

info dump : how to keep track of american tv series

i download things. constantly. besides anime and mp3's, i'm all over american tv series, especially those related to high school, college and young adults. ALSO, the funny ones.

so, to keep track of them old and new ones, coz, you know malaysia is being WAY off the actual airing date in US, so i go to this website.

WWW.TVSRS.COM (just click :3)

why i like it :

1) this site provides real time updates for each tv series. at the right side of the site, there's a list for Today, Tomorrow, After Today, Yesterday and the list of all the series they hosted there, alphabetically. 

usually, after like after 5 hours of the actual airing date, the show's torrent will be uploaded, and so i have to get to work :3

2) they constantly add new shows in the archive. coz there's so many shows, i just detect the new ones by the code S01E01. of course, lol.

3) it has decent brief information about every show. so instead of harrassing IMDB i can just read the synopsis there, and if still in doubt, THEN i will go to IMDB to check it out further, rank, etc.


when in doubt, google

i'm not saying people should only express themselves ONLY when they have perfect grasp on the language, 

but this is not talking, where everything comes out from the brain. 

writing stuff on the internet means you have internet connection which means that 

you can google the word you're so confused about, then you'll be able to get it right. 


dem fav bloggies : tangan punya kerja

one of my much adored bloggies organized a giveaway, and it wouldn't make much sense for me to skip thiss thing, so....

so.... this is one of my FAV bloggies. from the first moment i discovered it, i knew it was THIS a-mah-zing. i honestly forgot how i came stumbling into the blog, because the next moment i was to busy saying 'awwwwww....'. why? because the first entry i read is soooo cute! and that makes it my all time favourite entry. it's all because of the one picture in THAT entry!

i actually have no cons to state about this blog. yep, all pros. i like how the blogger has BIG BIG talents in creating comics based on real-life situations. and i also like that she always comes up with funny things that i wouldn't even notice happening/might happen in anyone's life. and i like that the blog's so easy to the eyes, and to my internet. like, most importantly, no syok-sendiri music blaring when i open the blog. it's simple, relaxing and i can be assured that i can always go back there to read something that lighten me up. really appreciate the entertainment value. 

frankly, i think this blog is best the way it is now. :)  

Thursday, 5 April 2012