Thursday, 26 April 2012

kanbanflow : the daily task manager

recently, i was piled with many task and assignments, and up until now i have only the general idea of what i have to do.

this morning, i found kanbanflow, a task manager that's really quite simple.. and it has pomodoro timer! yay!

fyi, pomodoro timer is a method of doing task whereby you're given 25 minutes to do the work and 5 minutes break for each session. (usually i have 25 minutes work and 30 minutes break teehee) before this i relied on this one adobe air app for the purpose of getting the pomodoro timer. but i lost it somehow. ::shrugs::

so this is the interface of kanbanflow.

click to enlarge

don't worry if you don't know how to use it. as soon as you sign up, there'll be a 2-minutes tutorial on how to manipulate things in the site.

so the pomodoro timer is at the lowest part of the site :

and this is what will appear once you click on it :

another thing i love about kanbanflow is that it enable us to set not only task, but also subtask. thus it allow us too monitor the detailed part of a particular task.

i hope i'll continue using it, coz it's so good :D

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