Friday, 13 April 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

Credits to Nuffnang :)

All this time, I've created characters meant for real life stories, but in this post, I made an exception. I am to create a superhero for The Avenger's Team that will help them in their quest of saving the Earth from... the baddies.

My superhero, would be a half-life. A human being turned into a vampire during adolescence. As a member of the dark race, she owns great strength and, of course, immortality. But, she didn't save the world by her strength or immortality. 


Her codename is Miracle, and that's exactly what she does, miracle. In this world, a vampire reborn into the world of darkness will carry with it, a special power sourced from their suffering in their human life. In her previous life, Miracle was a chronic self-mutilator. In her dark days, that weakness turned into an advantage; she has the ability to turn physical wounds into emotional wounds, even from great distance, as long as the person has her trust. 

When a mission is over, emotional wounds would leave her wailing and hysterical, but as time passed by she had developed immunity to negative feelings, which leaves her as pretty much the most optimistic person in the team. HA!  

A normal vampire will have to sleep from dawn till dusk, but  Miracle is different. Her hibernation period was much much shorter, from dawn till afternoon, but still, she can be harmed by sunlight, so she mostly operated from the headquarters if the team went on a mission on broad daylight.

And this is, my mental image of Miracle. What? She happens to like red, LOL.

Is it me, or she looks like the chick in Leverage who ordered the team to bring Moreou down? ::shrugs::

Anyway, that's all. :)


Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

goodluck! lookin forward to see you there :)

fatinlea said...

thanks :) actually dont really know i can be there.. enter this just for suka suka

Daniel Chiam said...

hi hi... thanks for dropping by my blog with comment ^^

I really like the 'Miracle' that you came up with :D

fatinlea said...

hehe thanks!