Saturday, 7 April 2012

dem fav bloggies : tangan punya kerja

one of my much adored bloggies organized a giveaway, and it wouldn't make much sense for me to skip thiss thing, so....

so.... this is one of my FAV bloggies. from the first moment i discovered it, i knew it was THIS a-mah-zing. i honestly forgot how i came stumbling into the blog, because the next moment i was to busy saying 'awwwwww....'. why? because the first entry i read is soooo cute! and that makes it my all time favourite entry. it's all because of the one picture in THAT entry!

i actually have no cons to state about this blog. yep, all pros. i like how the blogger has BIG BIG talents in creating comics based on real-life situations. and i also like that she always comes up with funny things that i wouldn't even notice happening/might happen in anyone's life. and i like that the blog's so easy to the eyes, and to my internet. like, most importantly, no syok-sendiri music blaring when i open the blog. it's simple, relaxing and i can be assured that i can always go back there to read something that lighten me up. really appreciate the entertainment value. 

frankly, i think this blog is best the way it is now. :)  


faten osman said...

hi dear:DD
terima kasih sudi ambil bahagian & atas cadangan yang diberikan :)

wait for the result k :D

Faiqah Umaira said...

got two more blog that create comics based on real life situation; and

fatinlea said...

faiqah: yea, right. thanks.

faten : :D