Saturday, 7 April 2012

info dump : how to keep track of american tv series

i download things. constantly. besides anime and mp3's, i'm all over american tv series, especially those related to high school, college and young adults. ALSO, the funny ones.

so, to keep track of them old and new ones, coz, you know malaysia is being WAY off the actual airing date in US, so i go to this website.

WWW.TVSRS.COM (just click :3)

why i like it :

1) this site provides real time updates for each tv series. at the right side of the site, there's a list for Today, Tomorrow, After Today, Yesterday and the list of all the series they hosted there, alphabetically. 

usually, after like after 5 hours of the actual airing date, the show's torrent will be uploaded, and so i have to get to work :3

2) they constantly add new shows in the archive. coz there's so many shows, i just detect the new ones by the code S01E01. of course, lol.

3) it has decent brief information about every show. so instead of harrassing IMDB i can just read the synopsis there, and if still in doubt, THEN i will go to IMDB to check it out further, rank, etc.



Azhafizah[フィザ] said...

thanks for sharing the link but sometimes internet connection getting slow..-_-'

fatinlea said...

ya... maybe coz the server of the site is far from us.. what to do..

nanad said...

wow..baru tau >.< thankyou fatin :)