Monday, 23 April 2012

the toothy agony

so i've been agonizing about the wisdom tooth for a while and today, i got the first wave of pain. which last for quite sometime. c'est tres ennuyeux. so i've decided to get rid of it. 

i told Mr.R about it, and he told me to come down to Petaling Jaya on early Saturday morning and have it removed then. i wouldn't like to ditch my handball class for this but i've felt that toothache pain and i'm NOT going over it again. 

why Petaling Jaya? well, apparently Mr.R and his friends are all over this one dental clinic that they say has very good anaesthetics. i hope that's true, coz i quite don't like pain. and i don't want to waste my RM80 for having my tooth removed with lots of pain.

i hope everything goes as planned. maybe i can get some sorta letter from the dentist to verify to my coach about me not coming to class this saturday.

wish me the best :)    

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