Thursday, 26 April 2012

the old memory

throughout my high school years in tgb, i'm a constant airhead. with BAD BAD morale and memory for it. but things get better (i guess) once i entered form five. 

so with all this nonsensical things swirling in my head, somewhere between these two bad years in the best school (ironic, huh) i met this someone. i always considered him an angel of some sort, because to me, he is.

i don't know how things started or even ended. what i remember was bits and pieces of the moments i have with him, and no it's not romantic. it's just sweet. i was crazy then, and totally have no space for any romanticism to seep in.

right now, the first thing i remember about him is he likes to give me chocolates. and i reciprocated. funny. i dont remember how i met him but i remember this. maybe because there's the word 'chocolate' plastered all over that particular memory.

the next thing is we were all at dewan laksamana, having some kind of party or whatever. it was so bright and noisy, and i was kinda crazy (yeah) so i went out, and guess, he was right at the place i was meant to go. it was just like a pile of concrete or something like that. so i sat down and rambled about everything because, i was crazy, knowing full well he could hear everything i said. i just didn't care.

and the next thing is the fight. because i did something stupid, but it ends with laughter, i guess. so that's not the reason we fell apart.

and the last thing i remember is him lending me his external hard disk. lol i was backward then, so someone lending me a hard disk is a BIG thing.   

okay, the 'real' last thing is we were in the same group during the BTN thing.

okay, okay, i just remembered something. we were in the same special class for additional mathematics. so i guess when we're in form 5 we're still talking.

and then he just sorta... drifted away. i don't know what really happened. i was really an airhead back then. i left high school without even talking to him. and right now, all i have is his name, which i remember is only a word, and his class. i know, i'm horrible with friends' background.

what surprised me the most about him is he's cute, and i am.. not. and also, he's.. let's just say he's the one who would give speeches at majlis ilmu in musolla, and i am the one who would refuse to go to one. we were so different, but i don't know why i kept bumping over him.

and now, i sorta.. miss him, you know. someone who you can still remember years after meeting him/her must be so special. if he was a girl, i would definitely ask around my ex-schoolmates, but him being the opposite just make it hard to find him. knowing me, maybe i would do that still, in the future.

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