Thursday, 19 April 2012

dem fav series : leverage got me hooked, HARD

i gotta admit, the first time i know about leverage's existence, i wasn't too keen on watching. coz i'm not action addict. that was a couple years ago, the time when i would catch it a few times because my mother was watching it.

so when my brother told me he had all four seasons of leverage, i figured try watching it wouldn't hurt. so i got them on my lappy...

and promptly become addicted.

i finished watching all four seasons in a week. which by my standard is A LOT of couch-potato-ing.


as i suggested before, i'm not action addict, but leverage completely had me. maybe because i like the characters. in the 'modern robin hood' team, there's a hitter, hacker, grifter, thief and a mastermind. they are all good-looking, which is a HUGE bonus for me lol. who doesn't like eye candies anyway?

anyway, leverage season 5 will be premiered this July. CERTAINLY can't wait for it. in the meantime, i will continue stalking Eliot and Nate in the seasons that i already have. love 'em!

oh, oh! i will ramble more about Eliot in the next post! still in love with that guy. hehe


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