Sunday, 27 May 2012

game of thrones : daenerys chibi

darn. now that i look at it, it's kinda crappy, especially the string thing. i'll try to repair 'em and submit to joe again. thank goodness we're in different time zone :)

so, ta-dah! cleaner, and no more those hideous strings!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

not so new series from HBO : Game of Thrones review

i've heard about this series for quite a long time before I downloaded it yesterday and finished watching it this morning. why so long? well, because my attention span can only last for maybe 20 minutes, so i've to divide the watching time to two parts. the same thing goes for any other 1 hour series.

so, about this series. it's surprisingly good to watch even for me who's not much of fantasy fan. maybe it's too early to comment on the storyline, because i'm bad with faces, and MAN this series have many characters! but it's still understandable, so i'm pretty hooked on it.

however, people with ahem, strict religious view may want to skip scenes or this series altogether because this series has MANY bewbs and butts shots.

so i'll continue watching it, though it would take FOREVER because even now the series has reached it's second season. i'll have a lot to cover but it's okay, coz i'm kinda free in downloading aspect right now because practically all my favourite series has ended their current season.

did i forget to mention that game of thrones has 9.4/10.0 rating on IMDB? if you haven't watched it, give it a go :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

to quote a friend : ungrateful bitch

the seniors think they're like some kind of superior being, who can condemn others as they like. after all the hard work others have scraped from their hectic life to celebrate their going OUT of the university, what do they give back?


i don't even see the point why they need to set aside a night to celebrate the seniors. and then the juniors willingly ENSLAVED themselves to create a so-called memorable party. what's the point of this tradition? bullying the juniors, what are you, high-schoolers?

and after the party, a post-mortem will be held until 4-5 in the MORNING. it's held so that the seniors can fcuk up the juniors' emotion and release their pent up anger and dissatisfaction of either being dumped or flunking a paper. oh, but of course, they take the easy target. the juniors.

i don't know why the authority still let this ridiculous tradition going on. obviously, they're too concentrated in eating all the food and jibber-jabbering in the office to care about the welfare of the students.

in conclusion, if you are someone who's priority is passing all exams and doesn't like to be ridiculed or being others' puppet, and one fine day you get accepted in upm, asked to be placed in kolej serumpun, or just stay outside. you'll find happiness.

my favourite online perfume shop!

obviously, this is not a paid advertisement. i just thought to share an online shop that can be trusted :) 

perfume has never been my favourite thing to buy. most of the time, i'll use not even half the tiny bottle before i forget its existence and accidentally threw it away. 

but one day i came across this online perfume shop. apparently, the shop sells two type of perfumes

1. imitation perfume (made in Dubai)

2. original perfume (made in whatever country they're suppose to come from, usually US or France)

the albums are full of this very lovely bottles of perfume, and as expected, i was promptly tempted to buy. my first purchase was Katy Perry's Purr and Dior Miss Cherie. of course i bought the Dubai ones... the original ones? er.. maybe after i earn my own money ;D

the seller was kind and she answers your questions, though i didn't ask much. and i got my stuff pretty fast considering it was preorder system. 

talking about the original ones, i think the price is lower compared to when you buy them from the mall. i never made any detailed comparison, because i'm still not economically able to buy them (ouch!) but if i want to buy original perfume, i'd definitely buy them from her!

FYI, Katy Perry's Purr is officially my favourite now! :D i hope i can buy the full set later hehe.

this year's teacher's day

i wonder what kind of teacher i will be on teacher's day. hell, i don't even know what kind of teacher i will be. the kind that come to school just for duty or the kind that hang out with the students? ::shrugs::

i think i may be inclined to be the first. because being a teacher, i heard, you got things full in your plate. with the personal life and the drama with the colleagues.... geez... why can't i just stay in primary school when the hardest task for me is division?

anyhow, i only remembered wishing teacher's day to mr. R after he wished me. lol, i found it funny because i don't even have any experience standing in front of a classroom and be THE clown instead of watching one. 

anyhow, i hope that someday, i can overcome my BAD BAD BAD anxiety of standing before people, and be able to speak to the students without stuttering, and no more tendency to smile nervously.

we'll see if i succeed in my quest, in 2014.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

this years mother's day

everyone has a mother who will love them no matter what

even my blue-haired blog avatar has her own pink-haired mother

everyone loves their mother, right?

even though sometimes we may fight over littlest things

i love my mother

so this year's mother's day

i gave her a small personalized box of chocolate :)

i know it's not enough to describe my affection

but it's the thought that counts, aye

Saturday, 12 May 2012


bernadette is so cute and adorable. i like her very much, but too lazy to google about the person who bring the persona to life. 

so episode 24 is the finale for season 5, i guess. cant wait for season 6. i hope there IS season 6. please3x... 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in Malaysia!

all the details are already featured in the pic above, so i'm just gonna move on to what i'm really excited about this thingy.

oh, before that, i'll just put the ticketing details. you think you'll get in for free? NO, missy/mister. 

there's some other ticketing info, but that's for anyone who's interested in viewing the concert thing, so i'll just leave it out coz i don't have too much interest in japanese music industry.

anyway, what i'm excited about is the maid & butler cafe!


i've never been into such cafe, and i've only seen them in anime, or some japanese drama. (this is not a fetish or something :P) i don't care if i can only have one cup of coffee or one slice of french toast there, i wanna go!

and then there's a cosplay championship. i've never witness one before (i know i'm beyond pathetic) so i'm really looking forward for this festival. practically LOADS of cute guys and girls dressed as anime characters. who doesn't want THAT?

i hope there's no 'aral melintang' that will prevent me from coming there. please.....

Thursday, 3 May 2012

why i want a 3d smart tv

because conventional tv is soooo boring. all i see is flat picture moving here and there. no matter how HD or big the screen is, there's still something missing from all the fun watching tv can provide.

i think that's the killer luring in the woods, but i can never be too sure. the screen is too small.
and i'm just a spectator, so whatever....

and when i bought one of those 3d dvd's, let's be honest, there's no way it can compete with the feeling of sitting in your soft beanie seat in the cinema, feeling like the axe is going straight to your head. if only we have the smart set of tv complete with those 3d specs they hand out to you in cinema.

i think by now that thing must have existed. you know, portable small cinema you can build at home.

and IT IS!

LG has recently created it's own Cinema 3D Smart TV, with kick-ass lightweight 3D glasses and enormous 42" cinema screen ltv. with blu-ray players too. wow. watching tv will never be the same again with those badass gadgets!

OMG OMG the killer is coming right towards me with his ginormous axe! i'm dead! i'm SO dead!

why would anyone want all these 3d-ness in watching tv? for the fun, of course! lol. no more watching tv be a boring task of watching people getting murdered... ahem, getting on with their lives, but now, *I* can be a part of it.

isn't it great? IT IS!

plus my home would look SO great with that screen! click to know more about LG Cinema 3D Smart Tv :)

that's all. cheerio!

free burger from wendy's! yay!

i've never eaten at wendy's but based on the menu in their facebook page, it looks promising. the price is ok la, the kind of price you expect from any fast food restaurant. the next time i go to IOI mall, i'd definitely try it.

oh, just the right time! they're offering 1000 free burgers! dunno if i'm lucky enough, but there's no loss in trying, right? hehe.

just go to their facebook page here.

this is not an ad. i'm just sharing things :P