Friday, 18 May 2012

my favourite online perfume shop!

obviously, this is not a paid advertisement. i just thought to share an online shop that can be trusted :) 

perfume has never been my favourite thing to buy. most of the time, i'll use not even half the tiny bottle before i forget its existence and accidentally threw it away. 

but one day i came across this online perfume shop. apparently, the shop sells two type of perfumes

1. imitation perfume (made in Dubai)

2. original perfume (made in whatever country they're suppose to come from, usually US or France)

the albums are full of this very lovely bottles of perfume, and as expected, i was promptly tempted to buy. my first purchase was Katy Perry's Purr and Dior Miss Cherie. of course i bought the Dubai ones... the original ones? er.. maybe after i earn my own money ;D

the seller was kind and she answers your questions, though i didn't ask much. and i got my stuff pretty fast considering it was preorder system. 

talking about the original ones, i think the price is lower compared to when you buy them from the mall. i never made any detailed comparison, because i'm still not economically able to buy them (ouch!) but if i want to buy original perfume, i'd definitely buy them from her!

FYI, Katy Perry's Purr is officially my favourite now! :D i hope i can buy the full set later hehe.

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