Friday, 18 May 2012

this year's teacher's day

i wonder what kind of teacher i will be on teacher's day. hell, i don't even know what kind of teacher i will be. the kind that come to school just for duty or the kind that hang out with the students? ::shrugs::

i think i may be inclined to be the first. because being a teacher, i heard, you got things full in your plate. with the personal life and the drama with the colleagues.... geez... why can't i just stay in primary school when the hardest task for me is division?

anyhow, i only remembered wishing teacher's day to mr. R after he wished me. lol, i found it funny because i don't even have any experience standing in front of a classroom and be THE clown instead of watching one. 

anyhow, i hope that someday, i can overcome my BAD BAD BAD anxiety of standing before people, and be able to speak to the students without stuttering, and no more tendency to smile nervously.

we'll see if i succeed in my quest, in 2014.

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