Saturday, 26 May 2012

not so new series from HBO : Game of Thrones review

i've heard about this series for quite a long time before I downloaded it yesterday and finished watching it this morning. why so long? well, because my attention span can only last for maybe 20 minutes, so i've to divide the watching time to two parts. the same thing goes for any other 1 hour series.

so, about this series. it's surprisingly good to watch even for me who's not much of fantasy fan. maybe it's too early to comment on the storyline, because i'm bad with faces, and MAN this series have many characters! but it's still understandable, so i'm pretty hooked on it.

however, people with ahem, strict religious view may want to skip scenes or this series altogether because this series has MANY bewbs and butts shots.

so i'll continue watching it, though it would take FOREVER because even now the series has reached it's second season. i'll have a lot to cover but it's okay, coz i'm kinda free in downloading aspect right now because practically all my favourite series has ended their current season.

did i forget to mention that game of thrones has 9.4/10.0 rating on IMDB? if you haven't watched it, give it a go :)


Ayuni said...

saw it but same with u....

fatinlea said...

same what? i think it's ok la to fill the gap while waiting for the new season of other series hehe