Friday, 18 May 2012

to quote a friend : ungrateful bitch

the seniors think they're like some kind of superior being, who can condemn others as they like. after all the hard work others have scraped from their hectic life to celebrate their going OUT of the university, what do they give back?


i don't even see the point why they need to set aside a night to celebrate the seniors. and then the juniors willingly ENSLAVED themselves to create a so-called memorable party. what's the point of this tradition? bullying the juniors, what are you, high-schoolers?

and after the party, a post-mortem will be held until 4-5 in the MORNING. it's held so that the seniors can fcuk up the juniors' emotion and release their pent up anger and dissatisfaction of either being dumped or flunking a paper. oh, but of course, they take the easy target. the juniors.

i don't know why the authority still let this ridiculous tradition going on. obviously, they're too concentrated in eating all the food and jibber-jabbering in the office to care about the welfare of the students.

in conclusion, if you are someone who's priority is passing all exams and doesn't like to be ridiculed or being others' puppet, and one fine day you get accepted in upm, asked to be placed in kolej serumpun, or just stay outside. you'll find happiness.

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Narumi Isozaki said...

once a bitch, always a bitch!!