Thursday, 3 May 2012

why i want a 3d smart tv

because conventional tv is soooo boring. all i see is flat picture moving here and there. no matter how HD or big the screen is, there's still something missing from all the fun watching tv can provide.

i think that's the killer luring in the woods, but i can never be too sure. the screen is too small.
and i'm just a spectator, so whatever....

and when i bought one of those 3d dvd's, let's be honest, there's no way it can compete with the feeling of sitting in your soft beanie seat in the cinema, feeling like the axe is going straight to your head. if only we have the smart set of tv complete with those 3d specs they hand out to you in cinema.

i think by now that thing must have existed. you know, portable small cinema you can build at home.

and IT IS!

LG has recently created it's own Cinema 3D Smart TV, with kick-ass lightweight 3D glasses and enormous 42" cinema screen ltv. with blu-ray players too. wow. watching tv will never be the same again with those badass gadgets!

OMG OMG the killer is coming right towards me with his ginormous axe! i'm dead! i'm SO dead!

why would anyone want all these 3d-ness in watching tv? for the fun, of course! lol. no more watching tv be a boring task of watching people getting murdered... ahem, getting on with their lives, but now, *I* can be a part of it.

isn't it great? IT IS!

plus my home would look SO great with that screen! click to know more about LG Cinema 3D Smart Tv :)

that's all. cheerio!

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