Sunday, 6 May 2012

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in Malaysia!

all the details are already featured in the pic above, so i'm just gonna move on to what i'm really excited about this thingy.

oh, before that, i'll just put the ticketing details. you think you'll get in for free? NO, missy/mister. 

there's some other ticketing info, but that's for anyone who's interested in viewing the concert thing, so i'll just leave it out coz i don't have too much interest in japanese music industry.

anyway, what i'm excited about is the maid & butler cafe!


i've never been into such cafe, and i've only seen them in anime, or some japanese drama. (this is not a fetish or something :P) i don't care if i can only have one cup of coffee or one slice of french toast there, i wanna go!

and then there's a cosplay championship. i've never witness one before (i know i'm beyond pathetic) so i'm really looking forward for this festival. practically LOADS of cute guys and girls dressed as anime characters. who doesn't want THAT?

i hope there's no 'aral melintang' that will prevent me from coming there. please.....


Narumi Isozaki said...

wahhh~ nanti dah pergi post kat blog! nak tengok! hee~ *pergi xnak kan* haha~

fatinlea said...

hahaha aku pun tak sure la nak gi ke x lepas tgk yang kat singapore nyer... dasyat bebeno... ramai sangat manusia. cam tak sanggup je =_=

Narumi Isozaki said...

haha~ kenapa yang kat singapore nyer? extreme sgt ke wey? haha~

fatinlea said...

x la extreme. crowded sangat. aku x berape ske.. huhu