Monday, 4 June 2012

burger bakar at Bismillah Rstaurant, Serdang

i've always have this urge to try out the burger bakar trend, but the closest i did get was the Wendy's Hot n' Juicy Cheeseburgers, which is really not bad at all! at around rm17, i get the cheeseburger with double patty, complete with the complementary drink and fries. i was full after only gobbling on the burger alone :D i'll definitely go again to Wendy's to try out their other menu. too bad there's still no Wendy's in Batu Pahat :(

but there's always something different from the fast food stuff with the tepi jalan stuff, or it's just me :/. but i reckon that one fine day i will eventually get around to eating the burger bakar tepi jalan that i always wanted, but i never thought that the day will come much earlier. hehehe.

one day, diba was fasting and le me was practising fasting. lol i know it's so mengada-ngada.. so after maghrib, as usual we're hunting for food around serdang, and we eventually went to this mamak restaurant, Bismillah. and guess what, there's burger bakar sold there! i went for beef burger bakar with cheese at the price of rm7. i still think that's quite a lot to be spending on something that tastes good but will stay in my thigh. tch. anyway...

yeah, it looks good, but it will look SO BAD around my thigh

  as always, diba wanted to snap picture with le food :P


Azham Vosovic said...

oh my!

seriously tasty?

I can try it one day hehehe

fatinlea said...

it's tasty alright.. but for an empty stomach, better take the double or triple ... :)

ba ba black sheep said...

i look skinny, dude! take more pics from this position lolololol

fatinlea said...

with food, AGAIN? :P