Monday, 14 January 2013

matcha tea, my favourite tea aside from the malaysian teh tarik and sweetened iced tea :D

i initially found matcha tea among the varieties of teas in Tea Bar, and along with 'just nice' touch of red beans in the beverage, i was hooked. 

i know these instant tea (bubble tea they call em?) are not good for health but it's so convenient browsing around the mall while sipping your favourite tea. making the struts fly by >_<

i happen to look around amazon for the kind of match tea they sell there, and wow, the price... i mean, perhaps i am better off looking for match tea in carrefour, jusco, or maybe cold storage. much more compatible with my bank account :P



Azham Vsvc said... are a tea-cher hahaha!

fatinlea said...

i guess... hahaha