Saturday, 17 March 2012

Arra Ahmad's 7th Wedding Anniversary Contest

saw the contest in WLA page (thanks myra! ) and can't help but to join. i was never really good in drawing couples, but perfection needs practice right?

so here's my drawing for this contest :)

to be frank, i LOVE the dress. i don't know where it come from. initially i wanted to make the couple western-style, with the usual white gown and matching suit. but i remembered that this is someone's wife and i can't just portray her as sexy as i like, so i decided to make the drawing more polite. :) 


Arra Ahmad said...

thanks cz join..good luck:)

fatinlea said...


Arra Ahmad said...

undi doodle anda disini

hati~♡ said...

sgt cute... gd luck ye..
sy pun join ^_^

fatinlea said...

thanks :)