Tuesday, 6 March 2012

another drawing, with only one word to describe it. RIDICULOSITY

i find it utterly ridiculous that people who entered uni's still have kindergarten mentality. 

like the senior-junior things. bunch of bullshit, imho ( if you don't know the meaning of imho, apparently you're the ho, not me :P) we carry enough academic burden from our faculty and then all these so-called seniors want to shove their yelling and screaming and all the suppressed anger of being bullied when they were juniors... guess? onto us.

kindergarten mentality : revenge ALL i want because nobody will stop me. i'm just a kid anyway.

a drama director who want the potential actor and actresses to speak in queen's english. oh, so when you're in a fable-ish drama, you must speak their way to retain the mood? even at the risk that the spectators (if any, believe me, the storyline is stupid and BOO-ring) wouldn't understand the message the characters are trying to convey?

kindergarten mentality : if this toy is not programmed to speak in british slang, i want it out of my room! even if daddy bought that with half of his life savings!

and that's all i can write for now.

still missing ipba :( 


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