Saturday, 27 August 2011

first crush

     "I can't believe that you're still head over heels for him after two frigging years, Risa. How much longer do you plan to waste your youth?" ZAPP!! Rina's words could really break my heart if I didn't know her that well. But, she's right. Even I didn't understand myself sometimes. What's so special about Daniel Tan that made me became so infatuated with him? Sure, he's good looking, but there's aplenty of beautiful boys in our school; they literally flooded the place in daily basis. He's good in sports, tennis especially; but before I met him, I was never really into those people. He's so out of my league, I got it; but I was trapped in my own feelings. I held Rina's hands and shook my head. 
     "Please... Just let me be..." God, I must sound so pathetic. I'm sorry Rina, I may be wasting my time playing with my dreams, but this is what I wanted.

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Azham Vosovic said...

Crush crush crush...