Saturday, 27 August 2011

recess time

     "You're coming with me?" Aryssa shook her head with a smile as she showed Diana the two boxes of lunch on her table. Diana grinned, she understood well the meaning of the happy face the girl was putting on to display. She waved and walked out of the classroom,and promptly bumped into someone just outside the door.

     "Aryssa's not with you?" Haikal asked with slight apprehensiveness on his face.

     "Lunch date in class today, I guess." Diana answered. She could have sworn Haikal's kind smile turn into a pathetic fake grimace the exact moment he interpreted her words. Diana continued her journey to the canteen, with an additional thing in her head.
     "Haikal likes Aryssa? He knows well Aryssa and Hazry has something going on, everyone in school knows that. Why would he risk his affection?" 

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