Tuesday, 23 August 2011

dont assume what it is based on looks :D

or if by chance you meet some of this things, and decided because it looks like banana so it MUST taste like banana, you'll stand a chance to get a taste of soaps.

yeah, soaps. all the pictures below are soaps, but can also be used as a good smelling deco on your study desk. just make sure not to place your condensation-ing can of coke beside it coz you know... soap and water is not pretty combination for the papers.

 i ::SO:: want to put this on my friend's table and let her eat it. and see her making that wtf-is-this face. priceless.
yes, Dibah, i'm talking about you X)

 put it in your mouth, chew once, or maybe twice (if your tongue doesn't work so well to detect the taste) and you won't be able to get rid of the annoying soapy taste for hours. 
ok, i made it up. :P

 my favvie!! ::jumps up and down::

 this set of leafy treat is what i would want in the guest's bathroom. you know, just to impress peeps. lol

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