Wednesday, 24 August 2011

teacher's day

     "Um... are you sure about this? I mean... if you're busy or something..." Aryssa stuttered as she kept on walking with Hazry by her side. They were taking slow strides, because after all it's Teacher's day and every human being present at school was too busy amusing themselves. No one would bug them, and they took comfort in that. 
     "What's the place again?" Hazry flashed a look at her, which promptly made her cheeks reddened yet again.
     "The new deli. Pyon Cafe? I heard the crepe there is good...."
     "I'd like to try flan. Do they sell that thing?" Aryssa smiled. His positive response was hard to come by in such girlish things as sweets.
     "Un! I saw it in the flyer.... I... I'll make it my treat if you..."
     " NO. Let me. It's our first date after all." He nonchalantly said, as his right hand quickly found a way to pat the girls head gently. Such a childlike girl; how'd he be so lucky to have his dark, lonely path crossed with this angel?

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