Thursday, 9 February 2012

lol this is a very childish image X) anyways, i'm just happy today :) alhamdulillah

last semester was not my best time as a student, and it was quite a mess, so i didn't expect much from my examination result. but alhamdulillah my result is much better than i expected. that marked the end of my first year second semester in ipba.

so right now my friends and i are kinda at war with upm's somewhat slow online registration system. we've been waiting for the registration to open since early this morning, and i hope everything will fall into place and the start of the semester will flow smoothly. 

starting from 19th february it will be 'bye bye holiday & hi hi upm' so... i'm kinda excited for the new environment in upm coz i'm a total n00b there, but i hope things will not get too bad there. mos importantly i hope my roommate suits me like a perfect dress lol.

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