Friday, 24 February 2012

virgo from fairy tail chibi. sleepy while coloring, thus the 'comot' result. maybe i'm just too tired ::ZZzzz::

contra to the art, virgo is a cold, sexy celestial spirit

after 5 days in uni, what do i think? that i'm better off in ipba. 

it's just too tiring having to run around the spacious fields and searching among the numerous building within a tight schedule. though i'm assured it's a good point for my weight and activeness issue, but... +_+

and food. it's a good thing that i have the replacement meal, but what if i dont AND starving at night? cafe is scarce and the ones with many choices are far far away. i miss having stalls just within walking distance, though it's one bad point for my issues.

and mobility. i'm basically transportation-less, which means i'm mainly dependent on buses and my own two feet. i'm still scared to go to the library because i keep confusing it with the other building. even to get the hell out of the campus is a hard thing to do. mid valley is just too far away. amcorp is no more the rm1 ride. and it's getting much harder to reach tbs. basically it's like i'm stranded on an island T_T

in a nutshell, i just want to go back to ipba. which is going to happen in (insya Allah) another two years. meanwhile, i'll just hang on a thin thread in midst of assignments, examinations and classes.    


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hehehe my fav celestial spirit :D