Thursday, 16 February 2012

right, it's a guy. to be more exact, a bishounen i guess...

awwww..... long hair and glasses..... ::faint:: 
i HEART this one 
(though i know he's pretty unbalanced ::giggles::)


This is what Wikipedia said on bishounen :

The bishōnen is typically slender, with clear skin, stylish hair, and distinctly feminine facial features (such as high cheekbones), but simultaneously retains a male body.

and i couldn't agree more.


i don't know why but my preference towards boys IRL and in virtual world (in physical sense) is literally contradictive.

Virtual world : feminine features => total likey!!!
                    masculine features => meh ... 


myra azraff said...

cantiknyaa drawing tuuu...lagi2 mata tu...^^

fatinlea said...

hehe thanksie :)