Monday, 13 February 2012

another drawing. earlier this day went to bp and bought tumbler and shoes. likey :D

honestly, in facebook and blogs, i'm sick of seeing entries about valentine's day, how much it's prohibited in our religion.... yadda yadda yadda. i totally agree with them in this thing, but... it's too much. i know why they do this, to spread the knowledge to those who don't know and continue to celebrate this, with hope that they would understand why they shouldn't celebrate valentine's day and thus, STOP. the MO is totally understandable.

the only thing i don't understand is the brats whose identification cards say they are muslims, that actually know that celebrating it is prohibited and why, but still continue to do so. 

come on. 

in a year, there're MANY occasions where you can actually celebrate your love. there are anniversaries, birthdays and other important day that are MUCH MORE meaningful to people involved, rather than this generalized, highly commercialized valentine's day. 

why would you wanna make something wrong just to follow a culture that your own religion says NO to? do you not have enough faith in your own religion?



Ba ba black sheep said...

woi dude! ko pun tau pesen shawl cenggini! chare!

ah, kalau gile2 boikot valentine, tapi still dating dgn pakwe OR smyang pun x cukup. ape pun x boley~ baik i ikot mak jemah g rock the world.. haha

fatinlea said...

adeh... aku tau lukis je... kalo la aku pandai pakai IRL skali XD

::terbakar:: hikhikhik

myra azraff said...

perasan x?kenapa baru taun ni ramai yg sebok nak share2 pasal haram sambut valentine?hish,padahal bende ni dah lama atau baru sekarang dorg sedar yg haram sambut bende ni?saboo je la..hish hish..(marah ni..)