Saturday, 11 February 2012

just finished watching jane by design episode 6, and MAN that's a total WTF time!

well, i have plenty of free time so i'll just summarize what jane by design series is really about. it's about jane quimby, a high schooler who accidentally mistaken for an adult when she applied for internship in donovan decker , some sort of high fashion giant. so now she has to juggle between two lives, as a teenager and an adult. with the help of her best friend, billy.

yes, this time they even had to hide in the men's when india came

what gets me in this episode is that india, jane's rival in the company actually showed up in her high school! dem! 

that really makes me jumped frustratingly in my seat. okay, india really is kinda hot but oh-my-gosh i really hate her. and she brings jeremy there,oh, and he is her (rather) sexy assistant :P

anyway, somehow, with billy's help and jane's quick action, they manage to get through the day with jane's double-life secret safe between billy and jane.

and i like the ending of the episode. nick fadden, jane's long-time crush kissed her. and he's hot. lol. but i'm not into putting kissing picture in my blog so consider that the second most romantic scene :P

as usual, i will end this entry with jane-billy intimate moments. awww..... i love them.

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